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Should I keep Grinding

So I’m at a point where I get one win, one loss but I need that blue dna. Should I keep battling or go on the low side and get better.

This is my team. My indom, has 1402 attack, 121 speed, and 3441 health while my proceratomimis has 2942 health and the rest is natural for all my creatures. I also got Entolochops right after I took these too.

These are some pictures of my team and Dino’s. Should I replace anything on my team to get better.

Get as high as you can and then just drop would be my go.

Since it keeps your high score you have nothing to lose for trying.

Plus the battles help your alliance with the defense rank.

also, why do you have 2 of the 15 minute incubators? I try and use them as soon as I get it and keep 3 hours on while using 8 or 12 hr at night.


i use the 3 and 8 hours first, then keep them until I need them in the daily missions.

Interesting. But daily mission only
Requires 6 incubators. You should open 3 free ones a day plus a few 3 hours during the day and at least a 15 minute and the towers. I guess we play differently. I’ve always got incubators running at all times.


I would swap spinotasuchus or velociraptor for indo gen 2

Indom2 for indo2, and if you can tarkus for velo

Procerat should carry you ( :unamused: ) until you get indo and tarkus up

And try to grind for tryko

right now, Irex is carrying me. Procerat is only second in charge.

I’m gonna swap velociraptor for indo g2 at some point. I am currently waiting to get it to level 18 or 19 with boosts but I always have at least 1 bleeder.

I would go for tarkus but it seems like its getting nerfed.