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Should i keep Tryk below team level?


Ok so as many of you know, when 2 tryks face off head to head, the first person to use ID loses. That means that if your facing a tryk at the exact same level your best bet is to stall aslong as you can while keeping an eye on the clock… unfortunately if your a higher level you automatically go first, and this is one of the rare situations where that can be a bad thing. Up until now ive chosen to prioritize my TRex dna resources on my Erli and indominous raptor which are currently 2-3 levels higher than tryk… so i wonder if its time to start leveling him up again, or keep him low… any thoughts?


Nope level the craap outta that thing. It’s a beast. You may lose a mirror match occasionally but you will win every other fight.
You still gotta time the ID move if you wait too long it’s just DSS instead.

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Good feedback, tryk is probably one of the best tanks in the game


Don’t ID and you won’t have that problem at higher levels. You just DSS and if they ID - who cares. Then you know your Defense Shattering Rampage lands, or if you really want to you can trade and ID their DSR.

Mostly I just DSS > DSR when my tryko is higher. Works just fine. If I really wanna mix it up I DSS > DSS > DSR but I prefer to force them to do what they don’t want to do and work off it from there.

Because again, even if you DSS, they DSS, then you DSR and they ID, you can still ID their next move (regardless) to burn the cooldown and then use DSR first once again. Worst case you get into a trading war and still win.

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I would wait for the next update before leveling Tryko, good candidate for a nerf.


Thats very true too… it all comes down to timing


Thats possible… i hope it doesn’t happen. They already nerfed the Defense Shattering Counter.


Tryko is great at any level against any tryko like a few have said dss then dsr or mess around with them i love tryko he adds so much thinking power then just the usial move set and you have to think when facing them i rather get chomped by him then cloacked and dodged or swap in dsr


Every Dino is a good candidate for a nerf in Lydia’s eyes