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Should i leave my alliance?

so my alliance is good, i have been playing for almost two weeks, but my alliance does not give me dna. the good people dont, only 5 people donate to me. should i leave and make my own alliance, or should i join a new alliance?

How good is your alliance?

honestly, its ok. we all have epics, but only 5 people are nice to me even though im as good as them

The thing about the little “beginner alliances” that you join when you’re new is that everyone else is probably new too, and they just don’t have the DNA to donate. Work on your account – do all the strikes you can, play in the arena, do the campaign, dart everything around you – and once you’re over 2000 trophies, go to the GamePress JWA Discord or to Reddit or Facebook and apply to a better alliance. Many of the big ones only take people over 4000 trophies, but there are a lot of good ones that will take anyone who’s active and can do their 10 takedowns in tournaments (so 2000+ trophies). Many of the players in there will be bigger and will have spare DNA to donate to you.


no like it was made like last year tho so like they only accept good people: at least 2 epics

If you’re dissatisfied with your alliance, definitely leave. Life is too short to stay in an alliance you dislike.

However, a few alliances (mine included) absolutely dislike people who expect DNA donations. Everyone donates out of goodwill, not because they are expected or have to do so. Please dart and use sanctuaries if you want to get DNA, not primarily rely on donations.


well the thing is, i live in a place where i need dinos that are in my battle team, (hybrids) and like sanctuaries for me is bad.

but i will make my decision right now

Mine is Shining Star its full rn but there are new ppl like you but also a lot of good players

I joined it and never left, i get my request and we do raids up to unique

If strong player comes, but bad person, he won’t be accepted? :worried:

Uh generally if there are 2 request and there is only room for one the better player is accepted

If I were you, I’d work on your getting stronger first, but you can certainly switch alliances. Your current alliance is a stepping stone to something better. I wouldn’t count on being there too much longer. Like someone else said, get to 2000+ trophies, which shouldn’t take long, then move to the strongest alliance you can find.

It could also be that your requesting dna that everyone needs. Those are hard to fill. And two weeks isn’t enough for you to make judgment on a whole alliance. Since your a lower level player darting and completing all towers is the best place to get what you need. And of course PVP.
Stay where you are. Not many alliances give new players a chance to join because unfortunately most don’t stick around for long…

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no like its like i send stuff like instrovanceiva. literally nobody in the alliance needs/wants instrovanceiva

So i have my name, its defenders of the epics, also my YouTube channel.

or bobux guys

its stupid i know

I use to belong to a rather beginner oriented alliance… lots of people requesting DNA and would try to help when I could. But, when you’re being hit for Parasaurolophus DNA multiple times a day, while trying to level a Paramoloch, Tuora etc… it can be a bit rough.

Even worse when a request is made, and as if that isn’t enough, the person needs to let everyone know they “need” DNA on top of it. “Please, please please…”…

I agree with the advice to do as much as you can on your own. If you’re finding it hard to get particular dinos, maybe ask for DNA to help but do keep in mind, that others are trying to level their dinos too.

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I only donate to creatures i am not working on rn

People might want inostro because it makes one of the best if not the best legendaries in the game