Should I level Tragodistis to Team Level?

My Tragod is level 17 and not on my team because of the current meta. However, lately people have been saying good things about it despite the super-boosted thor rampage and it’s even High Apex now. What are the strengths and weaknesses to Tragodistis, and should I toss out Grypolyth in exchange for it?

Ingredients wise, I would think tragod is easier to level? So shld be able to level up tragod faster to team level. And it seems to have evaded the nerf police for now. Decent speed for a tank and no need to spend too much speed boost to get it higher. Tho not everyone considers it a end game dino.

Trago is actually my 3rd favorite dino in today’s meta. Mine beats most dinos other people have. And if it doesnt it severely cripples them. Even against Thor he does way more damage than the other tanks. And usually forces Thor to use his quick move so the next guy can take him out.

Had mine in my team since creating now level 26 boosted 5/5/4 just need the coin to get it 27 awesome little tank great counter against Erlindominus amongst others

It’s a good creature IMO, the 40% armor and invincibility help against dumb rats.

What is it able to beat?

I have lvl 29 Trago with lvl 5 boosts on health/attack and lvl 4 speed. The speed boost is to put it on par with boosted Thor’s in 5400+ trophy range.

It’s good against everything except for Tryko and Diojora. As someone mentioned, same level and boosts, you can usually take out Thor or at least make it use instant charge.

What is team level?

I used trago for ages but like you say in the current meta it doesn’t favour too well.

It’s the best tank in the game though and good against Indom and the like. If you can predict the cloak and swap it in you can get invincibility up.