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Should I Level Up To 60?

So I’m at level 54 and by next week I hope to get my Indominus Rex since I’ve gotten 8 T-Rexes. And I just won the Shunosaurus Tourney since I’m in Middle Bracket. But the Megalosaurus CoT event is very tempting and I wanted to ask, should I level up from 54 to 60 within the week or so? Will it be a hindrance for my battle team?

Just so you know, my current best are level 10 Eolambia, Level 40 Postosuchus and Velociraptor… So for a short while my level 40 T-Rex may overtake the Eolambia but then Indominus Rex will arrive soon and I’ve seen his level 10 stats, which are almost equal to the level 40 T-Rex so my battle team may remain unhindered. Also I’ve got a level 1 Eudimorphodon which is another potential level 10 VIP.

So is it desirable to get to level 60 within the week?

Leaving aside your lineup, definitely get to level 60 and participate in Clash of Titans. Most battles are based on Ferocity and not level.

Now as to your lineup, I would rethink leveling up to Indominus rex. You will be trading two of your top 4 creatures away for a single creature not quite as good as the T rex. Get more depth to your lineup. A level 40 T rex or a level 10 I rex would add quite a bit to your top Ferocity. At your level, I think 2 level 30 T rexes would be much more beneficial. Bring up some more Legendary creatures, VIPs, Tournament Legendary, and Rare and Super-rare hybrids if you have access to them.


Thank you so much! Appreciate your suggestion :blush:

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What episode of missions are you on? In episode 48 and 49 each you will have to make an I-Rex. At 29K DNA each, it doesn’t hurt if you can time it right.

I wanted to have a second level 40 T-rex first, so my timing worked out about right.

Note: the level 40 T-Rex will get you Elite/Expert PvP prize wheel spins. The level 10 Indominous will be advanced. (The cut off is around 3350 Ferocity.)

Story episode 24…

How much DNA do you have?

The level 10 indominous isn’t as strong as the level 40 T-rex (this is mostly true when making hybrids, it takes 2 to be strong than the ones you lose).

If you plan to make a second soon, go for it. (Gets you a better level 20.)

If you have lots of DNA and a backed-up Evolution chamber, go for it. (Gets you top level fights in one hatch)

If you are short of DNA, I might not do it. It takes 500DNA per evolution pull. I just made my first and it took 4 tries. YMMV.

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Hey Timmah, I think I read that you paid for the 2nd evolution chamber before, if you were hatching anything 8+ hours?

I was just wondering if it was just like hatching. The first evolution chamber would still be free even when the 2nd chamber is still fusing? Or would you need to pay the 100 DB again?

I am really behind on fusing. Spent a lot of time fusing common hybrids.

Completely off topic but ok…

Should be free.

The first evolution chamber is always free

You only pay the 100DB the first time. Once the dino is in, no more paying.

I had one 8hour guy in the second chamber once that went for 7 runs! That was 56hours!

Thanks guys!

With no tournament this weekend, I am preparing to move as many VIPs into Level 20 as possible, but trying to get the legendaries to Level 40 and Super Rate Hybrids that I got from Trade Harbor to level 40 as well.

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Umm currently I have about 16K DNA and I think I’m sure I’ll have 23K by the time the level 40 Tyrannosaurus Rex is done… So I guess I’ll have a level 20 within 1 week of unlocking Indominus? I don’t know… Ik story episodes 48 and 49 need an Indominus to be placed, but I am in 26 and that seems pretty far away. By the time I get to episode 49 I guess I’ll have a lot of DNA for another Indominus Rex… So what say, should I do it?

A level 10 I-Rex is worse than a level 40 T-Rex.

The common rule is, if you can’t make two (for a level 20), don’t make the hybrid. (And you said you have the DNA for it. I just made mine and it was 500DNA per evolve try and I think it took 3 or 4 tries.)

I didn’t want to make the I-Rex until I had 2 level 40 T-Rexs. (I got lucky a few weeks ago and got like 3 copies in one week. No DNA spent for the second T-Rex.)

What is your current line up? Will 1x level 20 I-Rex be super strong and far out from the rest?

My top Dino is still a level 40 T-Rex. I’ve made a deep enough bench that I can safely finish in Dominator by saturday night. (I currently have a SUPER deep Jurassic bench and love it.) Some have much shallower and strong benches that work for them. And of my top 40 dinos, the Ferocity is within a few hundred, so they all work for smashing events.

You have to pick your goals in the game.

Is it a Dominator finish? How many times a day are you willing to battle? (My battle window is 3 times a day 7 hours apart. Some of my new dinos, even at level 1 are 8 hours now, so my window will soon have to evolve to maybe a 10 hour window for twice a day.)

Other people just want a lot of cool strong dinos.

We each can play how we want.

That much DNA is hard to come by. Right now, I have a few end game dinos unlocked and I’d rather spend 42K on one of those instead of 32K on an I-Rex, which is just really strong hybrid.

A different poster (maybe Han Solo?) said only spend DNA on things you need/want. The game will give you most of the rest.

The game doesn’t give you a lot of hybrids. (PvP modded gives you a few, but it is limited in types. Grinding PvP modded for the Rajastega is a good move. Be sure to have elite level prizes for best chances.)

I would tell you to carefully look over what you have unlocked and what hybrids you can unlock with your current unlocks. Evaluate which hybrids will help you the most.

For me, the big game changing hybrid unlock was the Ankylodocus because they take 1 day to hatch. They cost 11K DNA. But, I could make 6 in a week, 3x using the wednesday 15% discount and 3x more on Thursday’s discount window. (Or 2x and 2x if you are hatching something else.)

I could use a level 20 as a ok meat shield in dominator (1538H and 481A) and have a 7 hour cool down (supporting battling 3 times a day). They have enough health and attack, that if you need to swap or attack a bird, they can do it. I started finishing in Dom with 3x L20 of these guys (so they each fought 11 times for 33 times in a 3day 4hour tournment). At the same time, I had a Stegoceratops at level 20, 1410H 361A and it just didn’t work for me. He was one-shoted dead too much.

What I needed for my game to get better fast was a dino that I could get to work in Dominator at level 20. Level 30 (excluding the Diplotator, who is great at level 30) was just too much DNA/hatch time/evolve time to get me there in a couple of weeks.

Are you finishing in Dom? If not, what do you need to get there? 1 level 20 I-Rex will help, but 32k DNA and a level 40 T-rex is a lot to pay for that if you aren’t and need work.

Sorry for the long post. You may want to post your top 3 screens of dinos AND which hybrid dinos you have unlocked or can unlock. (Can unlock meaning you have the dinos to make them unlocked, but haven’t done it yet and may need more copies to get a level 40 to do it.)