Should i level?


hey all just wondering on whether for xp and for levelling up I was thinking of working all commons, rares etc to like lv15 and obviously fusing others to get as much as possible but then it dawned that if I needed to drop down an arena or 2 for specific DNA like to badlands, would that even be possible? they would all be quite powerful then, even a purrusauras at lv15 would put up a fight would it not? should i just leave a basic team to be able to drop down? any advice would be sound :+1::blush:


I wouldn’t waste coins levelling a purrasaurus


Hmm…perhaps instead of level 15, I’d recommend leveling up most dinosaurs to at least Level 10. From there, you can get a better idea as to whether to level up further–saving your coins for creatures with hybrids in the process. A fair number of hybrids require your dinosaurs to be level 10 and 15, so that’d help you out a lot. Just double-check to make sure the creature actually has a hybrid. :slight_smile:

Also, based on my understanding, you don’t need to drop arenas to collect a particular type of DNA. It’s more likely to appear in that arena, but you need not drop an arena to collect T-Rex DNA, (for example).


tidy thanks, I just hate seeing that little green icon saying I can power up, like leaving notifications on a home screen, I hate it lol ah well “for the greater good” and all that… wait wrong franchise…