Should I lose 30 trophies for this

The last 4 battles I’ve done have had these glitches that cause me to lose, hopefully this is worked out in the next update, it’s mainly an issue with the timer and my moves not showing up.
I just did another battle and on the last hit I needed to win the game decided to start lagging, why even bother with the broken arena anymore

If timer goes past 1m 2s, it’s time to restart the app. This bug is old and it’s still around.

Hey Hybrid_ext, it looks like you’ve lost connection to the game when you were entering the battle. There are some troubleshooting steps here that might help with this: Lost a battle I was winning

As Detonatress had suggested, immediately closing and relaunching your game should refresh the connection and bring you back into the battle. However, if you’re still having problems, do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key.

He did restart the app though, the video shows it.

And why was the post flagged by the community???

I think it was Flagged because my support key was shown at one point

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He restarted it too late, if the timer goes past 1m 2s and doesn’t give you a time out, it’s very likely that the battle started without you.

Yes but the battle starting without you doesn’t matter, you can still restart the app and rejoin the battle mid-battle like he did. That doesn’t usually result in no actions appearing on the screen like in the video. I’ve had to restart plenty of times when it’s gone past 1m but never experienced the issue he has had with no attack options or dino selection.

I’ve experienced the missing attack/swap options quite often after logging back in, several turns in a row, and at other times even when a match has started with no problem, in the middle of the match the buttons just disappear for a turn. The reason I said to restart during the countdown is because the player might have a chance to still take control once the game catches up to the real state of the match, even if the buttons will be missing a turn or two during the catching up.