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Should I make an alliance

  • Yes
  • No

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Should I ?

Not enough information given.

Ask again.

An alliance in the game

there are many many alliances, stego - what would set yours apart? what would be someone’s motivation to join you?

are there…cookies, by chance?

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You could.

It’s not all milk and cookies, though.

You need a name, colors, design a crest.

You need to find members and then maintain members, keep them happy with cookies or gifts.

They can get mean and leave.

It happens.

It’s up to you to keep them entertained.

Are you a good host, Stegoceratops? Do you throw really cool parties that last into the wee hours?

I cannot throw cookies in a phone

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not with that attitude, at least.


Diet or regular :grin:


Sugar free of course, gotta watch my figure!

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No, what you should do it help delek and me get Murderbirds united rolling

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Mines full, or you could join that.

I’d join if no one calls me a grumpy old man… And you kids would stay off my lawn!

I heard mention of cookies, I like cookies. And cake, I’d join if there is cake too.


Why make an alliance when you could join the ThunderTurkeys!? :smiley:


Come join the Murderbirds. It’s like the Thunderbirds, but more murdery.


Deleted by tinfoils.

Do leaders get to see who donates DNA?

The community flagged my post and it got hidden. :roll_eyes:

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And my original didn’t even though I never actually meant that drink :wink:

I kneeeewwww iiiiiiitttttt

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Why do u wanna leave my alliance? :c