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Should I make some hybrids?

Currently I can create ankylodocus, stegoceratops, tropeogopterus, and diplotator. Should I though? I don’t neccesarily need them rn…


Can you show us your lineup to decide if they’d be good for your team ?

Here’s my general opinion on each one of these hybrids :

-ankylodocus : definitely recommended. It’s a good herbivore with a decent price.

-stegoceratops : Also very recommended. It’ll benefit you in the short term and long term ( since you can turn it into a super hybrid )

-tropeogopterus : Taejalosaurus is much better than it. If you can’t make it, then go with tropeogopterus.

-diplotator : The main reason to create this one is its super hybrid. Diplosuchus is a very high-value creature that you’ll use all the time even at level 10.




Or…erliphosaurus and indominus rex​:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


ankylodocus, great value, at.L20 they can support wins in dom.

stegoceratops. Good for super hybrid, not strong enough at L20for dom wins

tropeogopterus. Not helpful in the. Early game… or late. Just a super rare bird for.super rare only events

diplotator I used this at L30 after L20 anklyoducs in dom runs. Lots of tough battles, but won like 50% of the time.

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stegoceratops tapejalosaurus imageankylodocus


if you take tropeo vs tapeja, it’s like it’s a little goldfish fighting a huge baracuda.

so i strongly recommend a tapejalosaurus for its extremely useful stats at the start and end of the game, and it has a super hybrid stronger than diplosuchus and monostegotops, and personally i find tapeja stronger than spinora and tapejacephalus stronger than spinotasuchus.


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Ne sto facendo tantissimi e vinco sempre ecco perché non ho a.mici

Translated from Italian

I’m doing a lot and always winning that’s why I don’t have friends

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Apatosaurus lvl 10, Acrocanthosaurus lvl 10, Baryonyx lvl 10, Trex lvl 30 (i have 3 in the market and 2 in hatchery), Pteranodon lvl 30, Alangasaurus lvl 40, Ankylosaurus lvl 40, Stegosaurus lvl 40. This is my top lineup.

Then you should make them. They’ll be very useful.

Us some members pointed out, you’ll probably need to have them at lvl 20 or 30 to be useful.

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Ahh thats the other problem. I only have 2 thousand DNA :joy:. I spent them all on getting a bunch of icthyostegas and rexes…

Also, my anky and diploc are both really helpful in daily events rn so I’m hesitating…thanks for the advise thou :smile:

No problem

Diplotator all the way! She is a chopper headed funny girl! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And of course, Diplosuchus, a myhtic heroine! :sunglasses:


Look who has come out of the modded!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Such a cute face she has. :blue_heart:


In most cases a lvl 10 hybrid has less ferocity than it’s best lvl 40 parent. With that being said in most cases (especially in early team development) it is often best to hold off on making a hybrid unless you can and or plan on buying a second immediately to create a lvl 11+ of the hybrid. Doing it this way you are not hurting your team by dumping 2 lvl 40 dino’s for 1 that isn’t even as good as the parents.

Aside from that hybrids are the way to higher ferocity teams. Depending on how “efficient” you want to be with your DNA and other resources you can be pretty picky early on about which hybrids are going to be the most useful for future development of your teams.

Ones that are certainly worth while are Stegocerotops and Tapejalosaurus. Both of those have sHybrids and are fairly solid by themselves until you are ready for the sHybrid. Both Diplo and Spinoraptor have s hybrds but… you can get a good many copies of them from modded PvP. Are they worth making? Yes but not necessarily early on, grind some modded PvP and you will win some eventually along with a slew of other dino’s and other decent prizes.

Tropeogopherus… not my fav but others like it, I personally wouldn’t waste DNA on it but that’s JMO.

Ankylodocus is a tricky one. It’s super useful as you develop your team but it will eventually get replaced “use wise”. by others and you may not find yourself using it later on as much. So maybe don’t invest too much into it IDK? can go either way. On the one game I am managing I think I’m going to hold off on buying more. I have 1 lvl 21+ and think I would rather and more wisely use the DNA else where.

In the long run do what you want, it isn’t all about building solid balanced teams ect… Have fun, do what you enjoy it’s just a game.


Alr then, gonna save up DNA till I can get at least a lvl 20 hybrid.

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