Should I?: Prize Drop

I got this. Should I do it?
It won’t be at the top of my lineup, but I do use the Jurassic ones in tournaments.

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You won’t get that specifically but you would get to spin the wheel which will grant a VIP creature, but it could be any from the wheel.


Okay. Understood. So do you think I should go for it regardless? Thank you so much!

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I think you should

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If you want more vips or just want to level them up, then yeah.

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Not worth 3k+ bucks


Definitely no. Just grind harder this week


For those not understanding the situation…. The OP will not have a cheaper chance in any future week unless the “glitch” that allowed non VIP players to purchase the forth slot tickets on some of the days continues.

@TherizinosaurusGen2 you will not have a cheaper chance at a VIP through the PD unless you become a VIP or the glitch continues.


Thats a Baryonyx, You don’t need VIP to get him. You can get it in the 10k LP packs. I have one LvL 40 and another LvL 20 and never been VIP.
I think it’s not worth 3K DB

I think its not worth the 3k DB, thats 2 weekly speed ups.

Specially with your Lvl, Im at 81 and I wont probably get this, I’ll rather use it to Speed up 2 Tourney, or tourney hybrid.

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It wasn’t for a Baryonyx. It was for a Diamond Fidelity Prize Wheel Spin

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Sorry everyone, but does anyone know if it’s actually a glitch or an actual feature (perhaps for the game’s anniversary or Dominion)? Either case, what would be the best way to use fidelity points? I’m currently only buying three VIP tickets at a time (so 450 to 600 VIP points a day, depending on how much the ticket costs). Would you say it’s a good method?

If you’re not trying to reach Diamond Fidelity, I would save my Loyalty Points for 10K packs. If you’re trying to reach Diamond (or Gold, I suppose) buy tickets in bulk for the discount


In my opinion I would do it. I did get my first tourney (Draco) from the prize drop, from gold wheel. I don’t really get the 1% chance cards, (unfortunately) I just do it to get the wheel, because I own “0” tournament creatures (not including the Draco that’s still hatching)