Should i put andrewtops on my team?

I like andrewtops quite a lot but i don’t know if it’s good to put on my team.
I was thinking about maybe replacing erlidom.

I’m in low aviary.

I just tried it…a complete beast when it comes to counterattack, some boosting qnd level and this dino will be unstoppable!!! I am also lower aviary.

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Maybe replace him with grypolyth. He’s one of the best counters besides diorajasaurus, snake and indo. He’s also one of the few creatures that can one shot pho depending on it’s level and speed

I would say yeah replace him for erlidom he’s definitely a better revenge killer than erlidom for sure.


Replace Grypo with Andrew? I would say replace Erlidom first and then maybe think about phasing out Thor at some point. The rest of your team is straight fire.


Replace it if you want to. I would say replace it with Erlidom. Erlidom relies to much on cloak to even get a kill and after its first kill it will probably be pretty weak


Focus on giving andrew some health it’s mostly all it needs along with some speed.

Andrew does not really need speed. Its better slower so it can do vulrability counter, and then one of its attacks to deal a lot of damage,