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Should I put Monostegotop back on my team?


Stepped back into the arena yesterday and noticed that my Monomimus only got picked a total of 3 out of 22 matches, which makes it pretty tough when everyone I’m up against has something that cloaks or evades. Here is my current line-up, it’s decent BUT a gamble when my nullifier almost never get picked.

The problem here is my Monostegotop is only level 22, I’m facing level 24 Indo and level 22 Erlidominus or Utarinex so overall I still need a team with more firepower.


I guess I should somehow up my Monostegotop to 25? I’m torn because she will probably be my weakest link on the team as it is, but I also need an extra nullifying dino for the chance of the game actually picking one for the next match. As good as my Monomimus is, she can’t help me if she isn’t chosen.


rich person lol


I’d take out Tryo for Monostego, I feel like it has helped me in far more situations than Tryo would’ve. My Mono is at 24 and holds up pretty well against whatever I send it out against.
Could be my bias talking… I’m not a fan of Tryo and I LOVE Mono.
Your team is jacked, btw :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:


I wish. :rofl: In hindsight, should have just taken a vacation instead


Thanks! I guess now I need Mono dna. I’ve been averaging 4 hour of sleep the last 5 weeks hunting for dna and then falling for incubator scams (not recommended, you only get ok dna like 1 out of 10 incubator) at my weaker moments :sob:


Every second I have the game open, I have to resist the urge to buy incubators :joy:
It’s like opening a pack of yugioh or Pokémon cards. You get the excitement and mystery right before you open… then comes the gut-wrenching disappointment when you pull trash.


I’ve come to the conclusion that OTO and certain event incubators are the only ones worth considering. Looking at the leaderboard, they would have probably had to spend over 10K to get some of the dna to supplement the hours they weren’t hunting dinos.


The worse are the themed incubators… there so tempting when you see something you need on the cover… but they have to put equal put in a crappy epic for every usable epic…Like this weeks incubator. I do not want to spend cash for an increased chance at gyro as my epic…it the incubator was only a chance at bary, postmet, and gorgo… id buy one right now.


Yea, it’s mind-boggling seeing some of the top players’ teams :cold_sweat:
So much money.
Outside of VIP and OTO, the only 2 times I spent money were one Pteranodon incubator and the Rex one a whiiile back.


@Idris try this…take Monomimus off your team. Play a few matches without him and then put him back in. I noticed that when I did this, the RNG gods always seem to “randomly” pick the new dino. It could just be my imagination too, fyi.


I will give that a try!