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Should i refund my boosts

Is it worth it to refund my boosts fro my other creatures to boost my tryko and geminititan?

Depends. What are they on currently?

I just boost my max, Gemini, Tryko and dimodactylus for my arena team, any other creature on my arena team with ATK or HP boosts will be gone. I’d keep the speed, but anything else is a goodbye.


Yes. Suchotator can do fine without boosts

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I’d say it would be good to take them off and put it on Gemini and Tryko

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Where is the refund button?

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Circled in red Fiddle. :slight_smile:

I thought you were calling them a Fiddle, then I realized it was their name :man_facepalming:


:laughing::laughing: That’s funny…

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The advice is good, Sucho works well without boost (and also if you start to create unique, it is normal for sucho to leave the team) … but on the other hand, neither Tryko nor any other unique will do you any good in weekend tournaments and a sucho 30 boostead can be decisive in a rares tournament that admits hybrids.

The objective of this game was to have the best possible team, but it is not anymore … and it is a pity.

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