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Should I remove Indoraptor

Because of upcoming boost reshuffle ,as listed in datamine…
I’m planning to replace Indoraptor , which creature should I replace?
I have 3 extra uniques plus I’m working on Gemini and Magna…

I don’t know but i find him strong…

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I would say magna, Gemini, the deer, or erlidom are good choices for what you have. Try working on getting erlikospyx she’s a BEAST of a cunning creature.

I want my own erlikospyx lol, but I can live with my hadros I suppose

Yea my erlikospyx is lvl 26 and pretty boosted and it does pretty well but I am going to be kicking my Indoraptor for hadros soon

yes, take it out for erlidominus

or even testacornibus

Thanks for suggestions!

Almost every creature visual in your screen shot but not on your team is functionally better, just pick 1

if your working on gemini and magna, I recommend dont level ardentis. Replace indoraptor for magna and ardentismaxima for gemini

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Indoraptor is still really good contrary to a lot of views on these forums. You just need to try and avoid the resilient attacks. I have mine at 22nd with 6 boosts per stat at present and he does me very well.

but there is too much to avoid especially because the majority of the creatures are resilient

plus it lost too much with armor pierce rampage, it will only regain its strength if ludia change armor piercing rampage to defence shattering. It’s part fierce yet an invincibility blocks out the rampage