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Should I replace erlikospyx with magna?

Seeing how spyx was nerfed, and now I’ve unlocked magna, should I get magna to team level and replace spyx?

If Magna is team level ya

Yes because Magna is the best speedster at the moment, but only if you, A, have some boosts to revoke from Spyx, or, B, if you can get Magna high enough

Honestly I think Spyx is way better than people give it credit for. I have one on my team, and it’s done great work for me - often multiple eliminations in a match! Maybe it’s not as good as before, but it’s still useful. You have to be careful how you use it (it gets destroyed by resilients), but between all its distraction moves, speed up strike, and precise pounce, you can deal with pretty much anything else.

But even so, Magna is very good right now, so it’s definitely worth using instead if you want to and it’s at a decent level.

That’s the problem really anything but “resilient when we’re literally in a resilient meta. Dominated by two Dino’s so strong when picking team members you need to ask yourself can this get atleast two hits on tryko or max… if not their is prolly a better option.

If/when the meta evolves its stock will rise… but good and good in this meta are two different things.

Thats true, but people still have to use counters for those resilients (like Thor), and Spyx is excellent against them. And where I’m at in Aviary, I’m still seeing a lot of indoraptor (both gens), Erlidominus, and Indominus, all of which Spyx is good against. You just don’t start with it, and use it at the appropriate time. I even just now used it to finish off all three opponents (one entirely by itself), so the results speak for themselves. I’m not saying it’s OP or even top tier, but it’s not trash like everyone seems to think.

magna for sure. it cant be slowed. that means it can destroy thor, tryko, tenonto, and take two big chunks from max.

No sure what lvl you are but spyx cant do any of that. beef magna enough and its a force to face

Magna is excellent and in the actual meta,way more better than erliko
Why?Fast + deceleration immunitity + DSR.
So against tryko and ardentis ,he is sure to do at least 2 attacks.

At 5500 trophy,you see none of them
I’m probably one of the lasts using an indoraptor (even if its the gen2 and oh boy,i regret so much to boost it,even top lvl,he is useless),erlidom is EXTREMLY rare,and i have never see an indominus

6/7 of my match are sure to meet these followings:

I barely see anything else.
Few times a smilonemys,a gemini , a mammolania , a phorusaura ,a thylacotator and carnotarkus.
And im happy,everytime i see a thor

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Yes I subbed spyx out for magna, spyx lost the bleed which is huge as otherwise it can deal with both tryko and dentist