Should I replace my Velociraptor? Help please!


I’ve been trying to hold on to my dearest Velociraptor. She granted me so many victories in the past. She is so beautiful and makes such cute sounds. But most importantly: She is so high level. My v-raptor is currently my highest level (20), followed by Einiasuchus (19). The rest are very low level in comparison, average level 15. So I figured, even if raptors got nerfed, she being such a high level would still be useful for a while… Right? Kinda wrong. What I’m seeing in the arena (7) is that she is probably my weakest link. She is the one that dies first and she doesn’t do the damage she used to back then.

So I’m considering replacing her, but I’m hesitant. She is my highest level and as such, my biggest investment. I’m not getting another level 20 dinosaur any time soon. I’m thinking about Postimetrodon but her level will be way lower.

This is what my current team looks like:

What do you think? Level 20 Velociraptor or level 15 Postimetrodon? Any other option better than Posti? Thanks!! <3


If you’re gonna replace her I would level that stegosaurus up and stick him in. I have my lvl 20 in at 3800+ trophies :yum:


7800+? Lol you broke the game :smiley: Did you mean 3800 or 4800? :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, I tried my Stegosaurus in Arena 7 and she was underwhelming. Sure, she is amazing for a common but she is just a common after all. And since I desperately need her DNA for two amazing hybrids (200 per fusion for Stegoceratops and 500 per fusion for Stegodeus are huge amounts of DNA) I think I will keep her as hybrid meat. Thanks though!


definitley hybrid meat. stegodeus is arguably the best legendary hybrid in the game right now. i don’t know what all the uniques do, but maybe even the best dino in the game. i just won in arena 8 and she killed all 3 opponent dinos by herself.


I would keep her but try to have a few armored tanks… I use delta or Utah as my middle releivers and raptor prime as my closer. Up to winning half the time or more


Nah,not yet, just keep him and only use it for finish, never at first pick like was before patch.
I feel your sad, i kicked mine at lvl 24 xd


Amargo and Codon work well. Amargo can tank a lot now and Codon, well, he can overthrow even the mighty Rex.


Keep her! Swap Gorgo for Stego.


While we’re talking teams… I’m getting to the point where it is difficult to decide who to throw in the deck. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Yup, loving my stegodeus so far! And stegoceratops is sooo good too, even though she lost a bit of power with the rise of immune and self-cleansing dinosaurs in meta, she is still mighty. Who do you think I should replace my raptor with, then?


Yeah, I never open with her anyway, that’d be suicide! But even as a finisher, she just dies too fast. People have lots of available counters and when they see my raptor they know exactly what to bring up to counter her. With the reduced damage stat, she doesn’t even two-shot most opponents anymore… She is really feeling weak despite her hight level :confused:


I actually had Amargocephalus in my team. While she is good, I think she wasn’t good enough. I have lots of tank power already and my other bulky dinosaurs were just better. Ankylocodon, however, is tempting. This whole indestructible shield has gotten me thinking… Maybe she’s worth it even though I already have lots of tanks…


Aw, but Gorgo is performing amazingly for me right now! Good speed, great damage, good crit chance and breaks shields. What more could you ask of her? She eats tanks for breakfast and raptors for dinner, as well as anything in between if she feels like it. I’m just trying to decide whether I should level her more or keep her DNA in case I can make the legendary, but her spot on my team is guaranteed for now. As for Stego… she is great for a common but not good enough for Arena 7 IMO.

Can’t really give you advice on your team. It looks great but I’ve never used any of those legendaries save for Stegodeus. Most of them, I haven’t really faced them in battle more than once or twice so I’m far from an expert. All I can tell you is that raptors seem outdated for me lately and that Gorgosuchus and Einiasuchus are both still amazing.


Steg is good, I like Tragodistis better. 2 round invincible negates Indom and with a stun that’s 3 potential moves that you get to make with no repercussions (unless shield is destroyed or stun is immune).

To the original question, I would say don’t take out the v-raptor yet. You have a great level for an almost guaranteed “I-WIN” button with the speed/damage 1/2 punch.

My opinion.


You’re very convincing. Maybe I’ll try to swap Gorgo And Utah for a min. What move order do you usually run with Gorgo?


Codon works. If it’s immune to shields being destroyed, ya got a keeper XD


I actually have a very fixed rotation with her. Ferocious Strike always goes first, even if I could finish off the opponent with only normal strike. That way you are buffed up for whatever the opponent throws at you next. After that almost always Defense Shattering Rampage for a very, very harmful bite. However if you can kill the opponent with a normal strike, do so and save the big hit for the next up. And only use Adrenaline Surge if you need cleansing or if your opponent, normally a tank, will do such low damage that your recovered health is more or less the same as the damage you will receive (If you will receive a little more damage, it’s still worth it for the buff, but if you will receive too much damage, not worth it, keep in mind Gorgosuchus’ weakness is her low health).


I actually need an immune dinosaur. Both Postimetrodon and Ankylocodon are immunes, I could go either way tbh. I feel I need more damage dealers than tanks but that indestructible shield is reaaaaaaaaaally tempting!


I’m team raptor all the way. Never use it early in the match though. There are plenty of battles where I never bring it out, even though mine’s a level 24. It’s only to secure a victory or if I’m getting desperate. It’s like an ace up my sleeve when dealt a bad hand.


I started using Postimetrodon after the update to counter all of the slowing attacks and it’s working great.