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Should I replace sinoceratops for stegodeus?

Hi, I need help, should replace steogdeus for sinoceratops???

Sinoceratops: level 18(ik I leveled it too high)
Stegodeus: level 16(just got it)

While I like my sino, stego is much better. However, try to work for a better tank like trago

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oh I’m grinding toward utahsino

That’s probably the best sino hybrid right now. Avoid the thor route. It’s probably worse than the other 3

I have allosino its pretty good

Don’t waste your time with sino. With mono month, go for monostego.

I don’t have coins thats the problem… but if I did I would have gotten it

Tbh, I would prioritize monostego over utahsino. It has great swap utility and can do well in general matchups. It’s so good. My monostego is level 29 and unboosted, but it’s able to fight trykos at level 29 with boosts. It’s something that you should definitely consider making

procerath is op for low level like me I’m in sornia marshes

But with monostego, you can still swap in on it. Does better than utahsino thanks to its bulk and armor

true but i REALLY need coins…it takes so long smh

I remember those dark days. Next month, make sure you participate in the coin tournament. It really helps me out

true but stygi dna is hard to find and paramoloch needs it