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Should i replace Thor with Tenentorex?

I just got Tenentorex unlocked yesterday, and (somehow) failed to notice it also has 109 speed. Ive also heard that in general, Tenento is the better one due to thor suffering from the crit nerf and having a more versatile kit, but at the same point, everyone and their grandma has an overboosted thor nowadays (myself included, level 24 and at least tier 5 in everything). Would it be a good idea to invest, or should i remain with Thor? Nothing else on my team is leaving, thats why im bringing this up

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I wouldn’t. While tenontorex has lots of utility, solid bulk, and speed control, it lacks the priority move that thor has access to, which makes it great in 1v1s, but complete set-up fodder afterwards. Thor’s higher damage output and priority instant charge make it the superior pick of the 2 in this meta. Not to mention it’s quite the boost heavy investment if you already run a pretty well boosted thor.


No way. Thor’s instant charge move is a huge advantage. And crit nerf or not, it’s still 40%!


I spread my boosts to everything. Havent boosted thor in a while due to incorporating Monostego and Procera onto the team


Thanks for the input. Might screw around with Tenento in friendlies, but might just stay with thor for now. I do agree that in arena, it is obnoxious when boosted

Definitely the Chomper and Rat meta thanks to boosts


thor is almost a sure presence in all top ranked teams. as tryko, draco and maybe dioraja…

i’m high aviary, i have big problems with thors, but almost none with tenontos, when similar levels.

plus, thor seems to be easier to lvl, although i don’t know if is a good point with this matchmaker.

Yes. One less problem for me.

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Do you want to defeat other Thor’s? Go with Tenonto.

Do you want to chomp and win without much thought? Stick with Thor.

Want the best of both worlds? Go with both.

I went with tenonto from the beginning, not liking thor from the second it was introduced. Tenotorex smokes tryko, typically handles Thor (depending on boosts), and the superiority makes it an asset against any number of other things. Distraction is huge when so many have ĂĽber boosted chompers, and the damage it can inflict - awesome.


They are both great, but both have different kits.
If you can only have one, go with the one that is easiest to upgrade, and/or has the best symmetry with your team. (Forgive me for using the word symmetry.)

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I use both. Sometimes I like to start with Tenontorex. I never start with Thor, as I need to save him for later when the inevitable rattings happen.