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Should I save further LP?

I am very close to my first Solid Gold Pack,so should I purchase one or wait longer till I can get a 20k pack,I personally have gotten a Panochtus and Giant Orthocone in my previous packs in the previous account. I want to get a Tanycolagreus the most,if not possible,maybe a Jurassic. So do I save upto 20k or purchase a Solid Gold Pack at 10k.

I would say that you should only buy 10k packages in the first 12 to 15 months of your gameplay. All VIPs are very helpful, no matter which one you get.


Okay. Thank You.

I do agree… I always say this game rewards patience, and dealing with the disappointment of not getting the ones you want right away, is one of those things that if you can learn to be okay with that, will reward you in time as aquatic and/or ceno events roll around and you’ve accumulated a nice lineup of VIPs from the 10K packs. And there’s not a single one that I don’t use regularly… I love using cenos for instance in land PvP matches because so seldom will you end up with a class disadvantage as the AI mostly uses Jurassics… the Pano is a great leadoff meat shield for those PvPs!

I have been playing over a year now, and have never paid for a 20K (or 50K) pack. If you are a VIP, you will also get TH offers from time to time for all the 10K creatures as well so I keep enough LPs banked up to take any of those that come along for the specific dinos that I most would like to get, and then playing the lottery I get a random one each week as well. When I have a point in the day where my first hatchery spot is empty, that’s when I might use my banked up LPs to get another 10K pack. I might at this point consider a 20K if the one being sold when I need to drop something in my hatchery is something I want, but generally I feel like there’s still more room for my VIPs in all areas to progress further, so I still haven’t felt like I want to move off only buying 10K packs just yet.