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Should I spend 1k bucks on this?

I need to know if it’s worth it

I never knew that it’s now 1000 bucks to retry. :sob: But, if you think you can defeat it, then yes, but if you don’t feel confident, no. I would won’t because I don’t want to get 1000 hard cash gone.

I’ve tried twice already so that’s why it’s 1k. The first was 200 and the second was 500.

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Not really worth the cash, even though you have enough.
One of the benefits of these strike towers is the gold, but you also have a decent supply there.
How bad do you need snake DNA? Something you’re focusing on?
And more importantly; do you know for sure you will manage this time?


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This is one of the tougher epic 30 trio boss strike we’ve had. Unless if you need titanoboa and feel confident on beating it this time, I would. If not, then don’t do it

I don’t need snake DNA, and I do have enough coins at the moment so I don’t think it’s worth it because there’s a chance I could still lose

If you dont really need anything from the tower then you should save your bucks.

Save the dollars. It‘s not worth it imo.

Here’s what I don’t understand… how do you have that much HC and that many coins if you’re losing to the hard strike towers and spending insane money replaying them? Save that HC for the 25 boost purchases and you’ll beat these towers

I only have one unique and the rest of my team is 20s, I’m saving my coins for the 3 uniques I’m close to getting and I don’t spend my HC that’s why I have so much of it

Is that what you spend dollars on? I’ve been torn on whether to buy boosts or coins