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Should I spend all my money/coins on Maxima and Tryk or will they just get nerfed?

They are way overpowered, which makes me think I should invest in them, but are they just going to get brought back down to normal size shortly?

Both will definetly get a nerf at some point. That is the true story of JWA , you need to live the actual moment, thats it.


It’s very likely that they will get nerfed since they are OP at the moment and we can see numerous threads about them being unbalanced. But, usually in this game it’s safer to invest on uniques. They may get changed from time to time but most of the time they remain strong. Some may get neglected but many times they are done justice. Bottom line is, uniques are more likely to retain a higher power level even If they are changed.


I doubt they’ll get nerfed hard enough to consider the investment wasted.
Tryko has pretty much always been one of the most powerful, consistent creatures in the game.
Maxima is Maxima… dunno what more to say about it lol.


I guess you can consider if you want to have a higher seasonal reward, in this case the hass eagle, not sure if I spelled correctly lol. if yes then perhaps boosting your team is the way to go, to try and reach a higher arena position. If not just wait til the seasonal reward change til the one you want appears, then boost like mad :joy:

Good point, but it does seem like the unique indoraptor got hit hard, especially now that it can’t destroy armor and Maxima can be completed invincible for two rounds and take away his speed. So can get three overpowered shots before indoraptor can do one


That’s true, there was a time that og indo was the most OP dino in the game and now it’s trash. I didn’t mean It as a rule, just a tendency for the uniques. Dio for exemple was a pretty bad unique until they decided to rework It, so the past trash became today’s treasure. And even after all the changes of 2.0 It remains a powerhouse, perhaps even better than before. We never know what Ludia might do in the future, but from my time playing i learned that uniques are less likely to recieve hard nerfs than other rarities, doesn’t mean they are safe. Nothing is completely safe :eyes:

I think a nerf is inevitable

I don’t think it will be a hard nerf though. They just need toning down to their previous selves which were still good

Been meeting a few stat boosted Indominus in the Aviary, makes sense as they can’t be slowed like the other Indos and can even break a shield, can even give Maxi a headache…

No one knows for sure if they will get nerfed, remain the same with only very minor changes, or even get buffed. Let’s not forget that Maxima exactly was strong before 2.0 and it got buffed, for no reason. So in conclusion, just invest in whatever you like and hope for another boost reset after the next major update

Oh yeah it was quite funny how Indoraptors, which were capable of shield breaking and dodging, got nerfed to no longer put a dent in Maxima. Just like the best bleeders got nerfed hard or lost bleed.

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If an unique is op, it probably won’t be nerfed much.
An epic or legendary though…