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Should I spend my coins on creating more epic/legendary or creating 1 unique?

I like playing the game and my goal is to eventually get all the creatures. I’m lvl 16 and have 193/268 creatures. I don’t have too many leveled up (highest are Indoraptor 21, Velociraptor 20, Indominus Rex G1 20, and Sarcorixis 17). Have 23 Legendaries and only 1 Unique so far. PvP rank is around 3700-3900, but don’t really care much on going up because I haven’t leveled up creatures yet.

Should I try to get a Unique? Very close to getting Thoradolosaurus, however I would run out of coins, which I could also use to create Pteraquetzal, Nodopatotitan, Mammutherium, Koolaburgiana, Gigaspikasaurus, Andrewtodon, and still have some leftover to create a few more.

What do you guys recommend I should spend my coin on? Also what do you think of my team:

Stegodeus16, Tyrannolophosaurus16, Dracoceratops16, Monostegotops16, Indoraptor21, Indominus Rex Gen1 20, Sarcorixis17, Scorpius Rex16

I usually only create a creature if I plan on using it to replace another member on my team or at least plan to in the near future. I’m still missing a lot of creatures as they don’t quite fit in my setup right now. :sweat_smile:

that’s what I think most players do, maybe I’m alone in trying to get as many creatures as possible LOL