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Should I start leveling up my team or replace something?

So just today I unlocked utarinex and spinoconstrictor and they have been useful but as well today i Started to fuse for grpo and i think something isn’t working on my team Cuz even though i have the same levels and good boost i keep on loosing, I dunno if it cuz i need to replace, since I am starting for grypolyth erlidom and skoona, So here is my team with levels:
Thordo 22
Magna 22
Gem 22
Tryko 22
Rinex 21
Spinocon 21
Monolorhino 22
Testa 21
So I was thinking maybe replace testa wit skoona or in a future throdo with grypo
Pls I need help!!! or maybe leave me suggestions bellow

Don’t get rid of turtledeer, it is very good right now. But you do want to get skoona but not to replace testa. Maybe replace thor with skoona.

Don’t replace the zombie deer, if you want to replace a creature for Skoona, replace Tryko.


ok I was thinking maybe replace thor cuz all attack is going to utarinex and gem