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Should I start saving loyalty points

This topic is regarding me but it could be answered for everyone in a similar situation I suppose. I’ve become aware of special events where you get x3, or x4 loyalty points back which is one of the reasons why people save their loyalty points ups. I would like to know if I’m at the point where I could/should start saving or if I should keep buying 10ks. I can now pretty easily get dominator in tournaments without spending for CDs. Anyways below is all my lineups

I know, the level 20 henodus brings pain for me too. It’s probably the biggest mistake I’ve made in this game

As a VIP you are able to get 1 VIP creature every week from the Diamond Prize Wheel, and sometimes from the Prize Drop itself. Doing DNA to Jurassic has also yielded VIPs for me although it has only been Pteradactylus, so saving those LP for the x3/x4 VIP week is a good idea. Maybe someone else with more experience with VIP can chime in to help.

I’m not sure I have ever seen the 3 or 4 times lp reward…or maybe I just don’t recall it. I guess some save to get a very specific dinosaur. The 10k packs in the long run are the best value. I’m beside myself that Tarbosautus is a 50k pack, when he mirrors the same stats as the Concavenator you get from a 10k pack. The dinos from the 35k pack are marginally better than the 10k…so you know would you rather land say 3 Baryonix or one Protocerotautus? Sorry I’m butchering the dino names. I would personally stick to the 10k packs until you have duplicate maxed out 10k pack dinos.

I’m not sure when I started, a little less than a year I think, a nd about four months as a VIP. I’ve stuck to the 10k packs and only after the last few months have gone after the prize drop…after siosinth made a video about it’s importance…but here’s where I’m at…

I’m saving mine for Christmas which is (or has been in the last two years) a good time for buying packs.


Yeah I’m thinking about this which is why I posted. If I do this based on what people think then I’ll probably make a yt video even if it’s just a screen recording for those who have nothing better to do or just want to see another park, like myself

The last time we had VIP week and got 4x LP, the pack’s were nerfed 50% so VIPs still got the same amount of LP. (Non-VIP got 1/2 the normal about.)

So, I can’t suggest saving for a 4x week.

I can suggest keeping a savings of LP for buying the right VIPs from the TH when they are offered.


Ah I see, so then I guess it’s best to just keep buying 10k packs? Unless there is some other reason to save other than getting better VIPs which I’m not too concerned with. Although I will probably keep 11k at all times so that I can buy an offer from the TH if one shows up

11k LP for that Proceratosaurus that can sometimes show up. The only other way to get him is the 35k pack

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Proceratosaurus also rotates in as a 50K pack.

I’d do 11K in the TH though.

Sometimes the same VIP will show up a couple of times in a row. I’d recommend a 30K LP buffer.

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Okay that sounds good to me, once you’ve started saving them it’s very easy to, currently I’m at 16k

Just because they nerfed the VIP packs the last time doesn’t mean they will ALWAYS do the same thing every time. I’m going to remain hopeful that it was just a one-off occurrence and still save up for the next time around.

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Right now my plan is to still do the prize drop every week and otherwise save up, because I’m hoping aswell. I’ll also spend my dna towards trying to get VIPs in the TH because I’m trying to clear the market and VIPs take next to no time for how strong they are

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I think it’s better value to just try your luck and buy the pack…as you get loyalty points and possibly cash…the trade harbor you don’t get those extras… although it is disheartening when you land and aquatic or Cenozic…I had a good streak for a bit of Prestos and Concavenators… unfortunately I’ve landed on Henodus the last couple of times…but it’s worth the risk.

Henodus is probably the best vip in the game if you ask me

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It’s your game; play it how you want.

That said, I’d suggest saving up to where you can keep 50k loyalty points in reserve. I maintain a balance of 50k loyalty points in case I ever decide I desperately want one of those rare 50k LP creatures (I’d have to become a VIP to do so, but they’d be there and ready). So whenever I get to 60k loyalty points, I buy a 10k pack. I wouldn’t spend my loyalty points on anything else, but, again, it’s your game, so play the way that brings you joy.


I will say I never kept that much in reserve my first year because I just needed all the VIPs so much… and I knew I wasn’t personally ever going to spend 50K to get something (still haven’t and won’t…but I can see where I at least might eventually). But I did eventually work up to where I kept enough in reserve to jump on 11K TH offers that I particularly wanted when those showed up.


Hey @Mary_Jo Just a quick question do those 11k lp for vip dinos only show up for vips or non-vips as well?

I believe in the past they’ve shown up for everyone, but only VIPs could purchase them. Not sure if that’s still true.

A non-VIP would be more inclined to purchase the 50K creatures I guess, since there aren’t as many ways to get them, but that to me would still not be a good idea until you are fairly far into the game, and just basically in collecting mode.