Should I start to unlock Tuora or keep the Tuojiango for Dio?

So I’ve been recently been starting to fuse for Diorajasaur since I need some decent resilient creatures but I ran out of Rajasaurus DNA, my paramoloch is at level 17 and I have a lot of paralopho, stygi, and Tuojiango DNA. So should I invest in Tuora or Dio?

  • Tuora
  • Dio

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I suggest dio. Although touramoloch is the best raid creature it fails when put in arena. Dio does well in raids/arena.

that would be down to personal preference. what do you enjoy more? Raids or Arena?
Tuora is the most useful in raids, but Dio can be used in both.

I’d say it depends on what your friends have. If you have reliable access to a Tuoramoloch, then go Dio. Otherwise Tuoramoloch would generally be safer, assuming you’re into raids. If you aren’t, Dio all the way.

I’m a Touramoloch enthusiast - I’ve been enamored with Touramoloch for ages, and I’ve gotten it boosted like a mug, which makes her good in both the Raids and Arena.

That being said, I suggest you go for Dio. Dio has armor, a counter attack, and has decent damage. Touramoloch has the health and the heal. They’re both used for different purposes. I’ve gone for Touramoloch because I was closer to creating her rather than Dio. So I’m committed to leveling and boosting her till she gets to level 30, then I move onto Dio.

But I still do want Dio. It will be good for Raids.

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