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Should I still go after Dsungaia and Darwenoterx?

I need some advice from a pro who has Dsungaia or Darwenoterx. Is he worth getting? My Miragaia has been ready for a long time but Dsungpterus is on Level 10 and I have no pterasaur spawns near me! Hatzegopterx is viable but Darwenopterus is Level 11 and he doesn’t spawn near me either! Should I settle for non pterasaur hybrids?

Dsungaia is good, I don’t have it, but I’ve fought it. If you don’t have the DNA for them, then go for something else, because the Pterosaur hybrids are pretty trash.

I’m using Dsungaia on my current arena team. It does OK. It has kind of low hit points but packs a good punch. Its counter slows your opponent so you can heal, counter n possibly get another hit in.

you should still work on darwez for daryx, though daryx’s main role is to just swap it in and cleanse swoop, dsungaia isn’t bad but I don’t reccomend leveling it up past lvl 20 because dsungaripterus dna is NOT easy to obtain.

Played several times with Dsungaia in friendlies and she disturbs a lot… Maybe as disturbing as a well used Carnotarkus.

I would like to put her in my team but a level 17 unboosted Dsungaia is not enough for 5200/5300 trophoies.

Believe me, I definitely want Dsungaia and Darwenoterx. It’s just there are no parks nearby. No parks = no Dsungpterus and no Darwenopterus = no hybrids. Can only request Dsungpterus and hope my alliance is feeling generous enough to donate. Which is why I SO badly want them to update sanctuaries so Pterasaurs n Cenzoics can be put in. In this day and age, Jurassic World Alive has been changed so much you NEED hybrids to survive. At my level, Legendary dinosaurs are in high demand so I have to make a “get hybrid quick” plan to even progress. So if pterasaurs are hard to find, I need to widen my search.

But hey, if you guys can suggest me any non pterasaurs hybrids please speak up.

Dsungaripterus is tournament locked and because it’s tournament locked your alliance members may not give you any dsun, and darwin is global saturday, so your best bets are to look everywhere on saturday.