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Should I swap indo gen 2 for suchotator?

Here are the photos:

I suggest sticking to indoraptor.

yea i guess

In terms of being more or less useful, stick to the IG2.
In terms of winning a contest of ugly dinos, stick to Sucho.
In terms of being hated by forum, choose IG2.

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lol thats funny

I think indo g2 isnt useful until it has enough attack but use sucho isnt good either anyways so use thylo instead.

Just WAIT! Update is around the corner… IG2 could be nerfed, and Immune dinos could be nerfed as well, making Sucho raise in popularity… So no matter what, do not make any decision until the update…


true, when will the update release?

Why would you swap?

it’s happening this summer. Best guess is in 2 weeks.

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oh ok thx for telling me

still sucho isn’t that good, it relies on things not being immune but thylo has lethal wound but if that doesn’t work it could just go for the doge, critical thing and then have a 90% chance of taking an opponent’s 75% health. Think of 4,500 health out of 6,000 gone just like that.

I never said Sucho was good… I said: Don’t go for any dino right now, wait for after the update… So, not sure why you’re replying to me… Personally, if I wanted a bleeder, I would go for Pterovexus (yes, that’s a unique, but hey, it’s always the ultimate goal to get them all anyway)… But sure enough, as I’ve said, last thing I would do is start investing DNA in any dinos until the update. If Ludia is saying there will be a boost reset, there’s only one sure thing: Too many dinos will be nerfed/upgraded to take a risk right now. Better wait until after the update.

True, (ten character)