Should I swap out Blue?


Not sure if my Blue is worth keeping or not. I think she’s good but levelling her up is not easy. Wanting suggestions about my team and criticism is welcome. Thanks.


I don’t have her, but I have never had trouble beating her. So I guess she’s not essential :man_shrugging:t4:


I would switch her out since finding her has been next to impossible. Use dinos whose dna you can collect. Maybe put in another “bulky” dino or something equal to Blue.


I feel like I already have 4 bulky dinos on the team, or at least sort of heavily armoured. Hmm it’s a hard choice


Never hurts to have a little extra. But like I said, try keeping it to what you can collect.


I don’t think she is much cop. She’s more for the collection side of things.


Yep! Swap her out for Ouranosaurus and level-up Ouranosaurus


I would get rid of that amargocephalus or whatever it’s called. I honestly think it’s rubbish :see_no_evil:


Agreed… your better off with Tarbosaurus, Allosaurus or Rajasaurus


Yeah to be fair it is pretty awful… If anything has over 1500HP it stands pretty much no chance of winning because of its low damage. I guess I’m swapping back in my Tarbo xD


Yeah, you probably should exchange Blue. She’s awesome with her Armor, but she’s lacking too much damage and many opponents survive Pounce easily. So I would try something different unless you can get her on a decent LV.

My Team … (donate Coins for higher LV lol … just joking).


I would say no because she is useful if used right kicked my ass a couple of times apart from when I’ve pitted her against my obvious common raptor she’s very cool I haven’t got her I need something like 4 dna to get her gutted :joy:


Notes on your team:

I would level up that Allosaurus and put it in since you will need it up to lvl 15 anyway.

Lvl 11 anything is gimping your team right now. I would kick Blue out and sub in another quick hitter you can level faster. Maybe Ouranosaurus, I see that one more frequently than blue and you already have the DNA for a couple of levels.

I love Erlikosaurus as much as the next guy (actually, I love big bird more than I can explain here) but lvl 12 is too low.

And by the level I can tell you are attached to Einiasuchus because it levels easy but it really isn’t that good. Regen is crap unless you get it up to the 20s and even then it’s hella expensive and not competitive IMO.


50% shield combined with pounce is OP, 10% armor, 131 speed, even at a low level is still really good. and much better than anything not on your team right now.

that why i use blue, even at level 13 in arena 7


Bagoyee, I love your YouTube videos!!!


Her Pounce is around 1,2k at LV 11 while most other Raptors you meet in that Arena do at least 2k with Pounce. So yeah, she can usually not kill her enemies that way and is dead afterwards. Her Armor can’t stand most enemies (because a lot of Tanks, Indominus and others have Armor piercing strikes anyway).