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Should I synchronise with the current meta, or should I play by rules?

This is a question that has been nagging me. To get straight to the point, you can say that an Indominus Rex fares well, more than its hybrid Indoraptor in this meta. So should I just overlevel my Indom and boost it. And leave Indo to the dust?
Should I overlevel Yoshi, knowing that one day it will get a hybrid?
Should I overlevel Ankylocodon, an immune, knowing it will eventually get a hybrid?

Or should I have my own way, and level up, let’s say bleeders
Or should I play by the rules of the game, and keep creatures in their assigned levels for hybridization?

Well you definitely shouldn’t over level ankylocodon lol. Erlidom is good so you could use your indom for that

Well that’s the catch isn’t it? Not playing by rules? I could just make my Indom a beast and use her for tournaments…I atleast get better rewards from it.
And I’ve seen quite a few Ankys in higher arenas and they don’t do too bad.

Meta play is straightforward.
You either do or you dont.
It is a very personal choice.
You should play the way that you want.
Ignore those that tell you how to play.
Keep in mind meta play changes and you WILL get burned eventually due to the “All in” mentality when you slide all your chips to your dinos.
You have to ask yourself if you’re willing to take that risk.

I get what you’re saying…