Should I take a break from battles until it gets fixed

My alliance is made up of 6 people as of now and they rarely get anything done without me, I want the alliance rewards T.Rex and Tarbosaurus but I can’t stand fighting level 19-20 boosted creatures against my level 12-17 team and losing 40 trophies each time
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You might have more enjoyment by trying what Stiffeno is doing:


I would do the bare minimum for now, but not stop cold turkey.
There has been absolutely ZERO indication that there is a fix in the works and no acknowledgment that Ludia even thinks it’s broken.
Your tournament high score is already locked in so I would embrace the suck and battle. (That is if you think the rewards are worth the time waste)
For me I got to get my daily boost quota personally, and am taking one for the team to help my alliance attempt rank 5 Defense. (If we can do that just once it will be worth it to me.)

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If the DBI was not part of Alliance missions, I would never enter Arena. It has become an absolute joke.

Put in whatever you enjoy battling with, anything. Enter Arena until you get the 10 takedown DBI then do not enter again until the next day. If you get a few incubators, great, if not, oh well.

If you continue like this you will fall enough in trophies to where you will start to win by default, you will be that much larger than your opponents.

Just give up caring about trophy count, being ratted, one shotted, losing 0-3 or glitches and it will work.


I havent played much since they made dodgr fail 100% and broke area with stat boosts. But my alliance is now maxed out and we can break rank 4 incubators. So im torn cause the game is not fun in anyway shape or form.

Farming DNA is functionally useless at higher levels, and the only thing that matters is stat boosts which i wont spend money on.

Its a shame this game is run so poorly .


I went back to console gaming and it was a good move.

I seriously will never install another game made by ludia no matter what it is, or for any reason. Honestly, this game has been such a horrible experience that I doubt I will ever play another “phone” game at all.