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Should I take my alloraptor to level 30?

I have been using alloraptor for a long time now and I have began to question its use to me. It is currently at level 23, but is it time for me to let go of it?

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I love mine. It’s very niche and risky, but it’s the coolest looking creature in the game and the most fun and satisfying glass cannon in PVP so I support it!


If you love it bring it to lvl 30

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It can be an absolute beast if you’ve saved it till end of a battle. It’s downfall is the swap meta


ok. thank you all for the suggestions.

The way I use alloraptor is to bring it out for a nice revenge kill with rampage, and then I have a lot of its good moves set up such as rending takedown and distracting rampage.