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Should I upgrade food production to level 7?

I’m not an experienced player, level 37, I just wanted to ask if it’s worth further upgrading my food production for 1000 bucks or is it better to save them for something else?

Save them. I had the same problem, but I’ve decided that it’s better to keep your bucks for something better. Maybe, if they add back more ways to obtain bucks, then it would make sense.

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Eventually. You might want to wait until you’ve stockpiled more Dinobucks, but eventually you’re going to want that thing running at max capacity


If you are in it for the long haul, yeah, upgrade.

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That sounds reasonable, well I’ve just hit 1000 bucks so I guess I’ll wait till I gather another ~500 bucks or so.
I definitely have been too careless when it comes to spending bucks in the past, but I’ve been saving them lately.
Thing is, I never really struggled too much with the bucks because I do daily missions and events etc. everyday so they somehow keep coming in. When it comes to food however, my dinos always manage to eat up more than I can produce, even though I got coins to keep the production running most of the time.

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Depending on how long you are planing to play the game. If you are only going to play for another couple of weeks then I say don’t bother. But if you are planing to play for any significant amount of time the DB investments is very small when looking over a longer time scale in proportion of how much you use the food factory. My food factory is never idle so that’s 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for going on 3 years. 1,000 DB is very small of an investment over the long haul.


It is a small investment in the grand scheme…but how often are players scraping for food…practically never. Once you’re at level 50 the trade harbor becomes available and offers loads of food for decorations or dinosaurs you don’t need. I’m at level 80 and I am never low on food…I think recently I was offered like 50 million coins for 40 million food. I wouldn’t upgrade it personally.

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Once you discover food->dino trades and the VIPs or hybrids they offer, you might want more food to max it out for good trades.

Yeah trades sound great but it’s a long way from where I am, and recently I’m stuck on my level until I get 3 more dinos on level 40 so I’m kinda struggling with food at the moment.