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Should I upgrade my food production facility?

I have my food facility at level 6,it will take me a 1000 db for upgrading it to level 7 and 3000 from 7 to 8,I can upgrade it to level 7 if I want to ,should I or not? I have not even felt the need to activate it once,since I unlocked the trade harbor,which gives me so much more food. I want to right now stack my DB and try to spin the gold fidelity wheel. I was just curious to know,if I do try,should I wait it out for the end of the week or do I participate in the gold prize drop,I know that the gold Prize drop will give more rewards than waiting till the end of the week,but I do not know if I can secure it,when I finish he week,often I can purchase the gold drop for 2000 or so DB,the diamond coating around 4000 db. So should I? Or not?

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In my opinion you should definitely upgrade your food farm, since it gives you very much food over time. You really shouldn’t spend your DB on the prize drop.

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Are you serious? The Prize Drop has amazing Dinos in the fidelity.

But you can earn them just with buying tickets if you are VIP. I think even a VIP creature is not worth 4k bucks. I really can recommend buying the VIP membership.

I have not purchased the VIP membership,although I know it is really good.

The gold wheel is NOT worth the DB.

Spinning it while planning to get a Diamond spin, ok.

You’ll only get 1 tournament creature with no unlock. It won’t be helpful unless you already have 1 or 3 of it.

As for food, you can always use food. That is worth it. And after the DB investment, you’re only spending coins, which we all have tons of later in the game. 240,000 food a day is what you’re passing up.

Edit: info on Diamond/Gold spin DB investment:

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I really wish that it was a guaranteed pack and it included Bucks and had more Loyalty Points.

I hope I get some good DB Offers soon. Should i just speed up my Pteranodons and Itchyostegas which are hatching then? Using the DB.

If you have dinos in your market to clear out, sure. (Helps to get better offers later.)

If not, save the DB. It is best spent Tuesday morning when you get discounts on hatching.

Edit: also, you’ll start getting 7 day dinos (to hatch), this really clogs up your hatchery. If you can buy these guys out on Tuesday mornings, that really helps.

I planned my later battle stages and completed them on Mondays so I could buy out the dino Tuesday morning.

Saving the DB now for a little later could be very helpful.

Can you get to gold fidelity without VIP doing all the bronze tickets and the silver tickets that doesn’t cost bucks?

Yes, but you’ll have to pay out a ton of DB to do it.

Monday morning, you’ll get the option of buying out your current reward OR the one above it for DB.

I’ve seen both of these discussions in previous posts.

Upgrading the food production is up for debate and I’ve seen various people on both sides. I’m of the mind that food is more valuable than coins and upgrading allows you to turn more coins into food so in the long run it pays for itself and will eventually net you profit. Thus, the sooner you get it, the sooner you start getting profit. I would recommend purchasing it, but waiting until you have enough DBs to keep your park running. So, for example waiting till you have 5K DBs before going for the 1K upgrade and waiting till you have 9-10K DB before the 3K upgrade.

For the prize drop wheel, I really don’t think it’s worth spending DB on the gold wheel, but its a great investment if you have VIP subscription and are missing at few hundred DBs to get the diamond wheel, which gives all sorts of great VIP dinos.

I’ve stopped my VIP because I’m doing fine without it so I won’t be aiming for the diamond wheel anymore, but I always completed it with dino bucks when I needed too back when I had VIP.

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