Should i upgrade the gorgo or go toward mega


It seems the mega lost its shield rampage trait which is pretty much its main weapon. Is it still worth it to go after it now?


Thats horrendous hes a leg not an epic. My goodness ludia


Defense shattering rampage or counter which do you prefer? The answer likely also answer to your q. My advice save coins to power up fuseable Dino’s to fuse lvl, legendaries or greater cause if you don’t you can end up spending hundreds of thousands of coins on a creature that will eventually end up on the bench and rarely used just like the overlevelled raptors that a lot of us have but no longer use!


So I should go for megalosuchus and try to max him out?


Hard to say as mega does not play like a gorgo more like a majundasuchus but better stats


I absolutely LOVE my Megalosuchus. Such a useful creature, with so many applications.
Bait-and-switch, battering ram, defending counter, indom-killer, or keep somethin from swapping.