Should I use her?

I’ve saved some DNA on her but don’t know whether it’s worth the investment. It seems tank meta is coming to an end and her superhybrid is not so great. :thinking:

Any thoughts? :grinning:

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I have a level 16, but it is benched and not going to be leveled… Too slow and too little damage… Can be taken out very easily by dinos with shield breaking or nullifying abilities… Not impressed with the ones I have fought against either. On the other hand, most top players have one on their teams, so I guess it must be good for something at higher levels…

Her super hybrid is amazing! I actually thought it would not be but man it has won me more matches than I can count now.

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And yes I still like the original. They can take out a stegodeus much higher than them. The real problem is the nullification Dino’s out there but the 30% Armor does work.

You know those moments when your dino is one hit away from being KOed, and their’s is, too, but they have the upper hand in speed? Swap out for Raja and let her take the hit, her counter move will take them down and you’ll get that round.


Yes, it counters stegod really good if it’s not a swap in. My concern is that it is countered by so many other dinos. Dinos with null, bleed, tank busters all beat it.

Even when it comes to tanks, it only can beat a few. I’ve used ankentro against it and raja loses. Trago aslo can beat it because of long invicibility and GSS.

The only dinos that can be beaten by raja that I can think of are fast dinos such as raptors and stuff.

as for me, counter-dino likes Rajakylo, DIO, tragod, Megalosu etc. don’t have main role to slaughter everyone but to weaken them for other to finish a job or swap them in when enemy’s low on hp. that’s it, their fire power are decent to destroy opponent in a short time

ps. Rajakylo has more Health than DIO, but i’d prefer DIO because she’s faster.

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Useful if used properly. Only thing stopping me from leveling fitter is lack of anky dna.

From what I see, strictly in my perception from battles I’ve been in, both Megalosuchus and Rajakylo are both pretty underrated dinos currently. A lot of people underestimate the counter attack portion of their kit and it seems to catch people off guard many times. However, for a higher end counter attack dino to really be something useful, its something that needs to be leveled up to at least 20-21 before it starts becoming really effective I’ve found. Also certain matchups are just completely unfavorable to using Rajakylo or Megalo and it can be a hard choice sometimes whether to take the unfavorable matchup knowing its going to be a loss of a dino to do what you can, or swapping in to something that’s likely to take a solid hit.

All that said, I’d say your best bet right now is to hold off making anything new, esp something that’s as tanky as Rajakylo simply because it seems like there’s going to be a pretty decent update coming soon and you may have better options coming. Unless you’re a collector and simply want to have it unlocked!


Yeah, I agree with you, people usually underestimate them because they don’t level them to a proper level. On last tournament I’ve got beaten up by one L26 Megalosuchus. :sweat:

never really used mine . i sat her untill level 20 and tried her out but created dioraj and took her out. i have seen her chomp down a gigaspikasaur with no issue. the cool things about raj and dio are the counter hits and the double shields. its little damage but it adds up especially afainst those glass cannons. like the other poster stated, swap her in for that kill shot where your opponent is on their last leg but thinks its going to take you out and you swap her in after they commit a move then hit them with the counter strike. no need to be quicker.


also… these arent great for opening. i consider them to be more of a toe to toe fighter where your opponent sees you come in and says oh look at this chump but then you school him and he runs away.

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I agree with you. I can level her up past twenty but that coins means a lot to me, so I guess I will have to wait until the update.

I also feel the pinning strike is a bit awkward, it’s supposed to be countering dinos with swapping moves like dilo and uta, but it’s effect only last for one turn so you have to do it over and over and if you do that, the opposing dino will kill you first :joy:

I finished 230ish in the tournament with this team. Indo and Utarinex were both 23 when it ended. I love counter-attackers. They can really throw off your opponent if you use them well.
Megalosuchus is my favorite creature in the game :relieved:
I’d love to be able to find more Anky, so I could even out my team a bit.

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My level 21 raja has helped me a lot in battles, even vs bleeders. Counter attacks are not to be underestimated!

Have dioraja at 22 atm, i think rajankylo is better, the swap in hability isnt great you lost at least half of life if swap and his dmg is too low, doing 1058 dmg whit his best skill is meh, they nerfed a lot his dmg in last big patch, i think you must have dioraja overleveled for being usefull, and rajankylo is easyiest to overlevel and is much more tank and whit crits his dmg is bigger too

I have Rajakylosauro on my team since I merged it. In fact I have him in the team only with level 18 while I do not have in the team such powerful beasts as Spinotahraptor of 19, Tryostonyx of 19, Einasuchus of 20, Pyrritator of 17 …

Normally level 18 defeats higher level rivals. The only problem is that it usually wins very weakened and is easy to beat by the next dino.

dio’s biggest attack is distracting impact after swap in ferocity though. so you have attack +50% and then you do a 1.5x attack. mine’s 23… (778 x 1.5) x 1.5 so like 1750 damage. this after a +50% damage counter attack.

also, it comes in handy for dio to be faster than stegodeus (rajaky isn’t). so many times you can get a shield on or distract before taking the rampage. i used to use raja, but indoraptors and monomimus everywhere so the shield and critical rate goes away quick.

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Same whit dioraja, monomimus everywhere nulify the swap buf and 2 of the skilla of dioraja and for the other ia inmune so you can only spam basic attacks whit half dmg xd