Should I wait with opening the 24h incubator?


I am currently about a quarter level (40k experience ) away from leveling up to 11.
I have a 24h arena incubator ready to be claimed and since the amount of DNA and coins increases with each level and it takes like 3 weeks to get a 24h one I am thinking about waiting for my level up before opening it to get the most out of it.
What do guys you think?


Take it now, you’ll get another one soon enough I suspect.


I am not sure if the quality of Dna changes from level to level (this should be calculated on the arena you are, but 12h and 24h incub usually give also Dna that it is not in the arena prizes). The amount of Dna will increase so I suggest you to wait until reaching your new level.

This is my experience: until yesterday i was level 10, 3h incubators gave me 214 dna and 8h incubators usually gave me 571 dna.

This morning I reached level 11 and the incubators I opened gave me:
3h -> 223 (increasing 9)
8h -> 595 (increasing 24)

I am curious of your 24h incub, let us know!


I waited and just now leveled up and opened the incubator. This is what I got:

So the epics are pretty good but the common and rare ones are trash but I’m still pretty happy about the results :slight_smile: there is never enough T-rex DNA :slight_smile: