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Should I Yudon, Or Should I Yudon't?

Top of the lineup :

Not very boastable, but with this humble set of creatures I am able to clear Tournament runs as well as PvE, and was thinking if Yudon level 1 would be too disruptive to this lineup.

Taking on opponents almost twice my ferocity isn’t a big problem as of now, but Yudon at level 1 will have approximately 200 health and 80 attack more than my Indominus Gen 2 so I was wondering if it would be too disruptive to the bench.

Of course, I will be adding more Tournament hybrids since Zalmonodon’t was never an option but sadly Metriaphodon’t is in effect due to Metriacanthosaurus’ sad defeat in the CoT.


Well the formula for ferocity is x + 3.2 • y, where x is health and y is attack. This is from @Tommi, so with that Yudon would be around 450 ferocity from your top dino, so I wouldn’t, but it’s your game.

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Our Esteemed Mathematics Professor Tommi, what say you about the Yudon-or-Yudon’t plan? I will do as the teacher guides… :relieved:

Honestly, I am not sure if 450 extra ferocity will be that disruptive as to avoid making it, but will it be too OP for my lineup (extended to mid-third image)?

Wait! Its from Tommi? I thought Sionsith found that formula


Thanks, but the formula is not mine. It is Sionsith who was the first who published it.


@Jurassic_Fury Yudon level 1 has higher stats than lv.11 indominus rex gen 2 2540 heath and 794 attack.

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450 extra ferocity has an impact, but only 1/3 of it will be added to the average ferocity of your three strongest creatures which I call AFS(3) (this is my idea, but I am also the only one using this term). Meaning your AFS(3) will only rise by 150. That’s an amount I consider not risky.

Generally, if you want to proceed you have to increase your average ferocity which will definitely result in harder PvEs.


Noted, Professor… Vielen Dank! :cowboy_hat_face:

(I didn’t use Translate, I am actually trying to learn the language…)

My conclusion is that… I shall take the risk and make Yudon, what’s life without a little risk heheh

Good start.:+1:
“Weiter so.”

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i think you should … but i also think it’s just another carnivore…

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Oops. I forgot who, I just remember you posting it last, so just me being me.

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I will… as suggested by you and Professor Tommi, I plan to take the plunge and make Yudon. After all I gotta start somewhere, this current top-of-the-lineup won’t be my current top-of-the-lineup forever (or, say, till The Game joins Builder’s fate).

I will keep only one Yudon at level 1, won’t buy more till I have unlocked Gorgosuchus and Metriaphodon. My plan to head towards a stronger lineup was to unlock and buy as many Tournament hybrids as possible, and for now keep them in the same level of ferocity as my current strongest ones.

Once I have more than enough of those, I’ll start leveling them up and that way I can head for the I-have-an-Indoraptor! lineup.

This may take me a few months, but that was my plan on raising ferocity. Moreover this will not take effect in the near future since I have yet to deepen my current lineup itself further.

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I play a slow gameee. When I was making the decision to create a Yudon my main consideration was which will help more Level 40 Yuttyrannus AND Level 40 Troodon or one Yudon.

I waited until I had 2 Yuttyrannus and 2 Troodons maxed at level 40 before I did anything.

They were helpful to have.

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No, those two will be too OP for my lineup at level 40 (at least that’s what I feel). I’ll instantly fuse the two, of course not using the ICL, and keep Yudon at level 1.

in my case it was different I had a metriacanthosaurus and a dimorphodon and I sent them to the other world :joy:

Not that they were not useful … but I had higher priorities at events…

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So finally, in my situation…

Should I…
  • Yudon
  • Yudon’t

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@Jurassic_Fury ahh I see your strategy! You’re going to keep it at level 1. I personally would keep Yuttyrannus and Troodon at lower levels and have 2 useful dinos with decent cooldowns.

You’re in this game for the long haul so you’re going to make that Yudon eventually. If you do it now you’ll get to stare at it!!

Either way it’s a win win. Lol goodluck my friend.

@Flavio_Camargo I did the same when I was at the Metriaphodon crossroads. I didn’t have that 2 copies at level 40 mentality yet. Loll


imagine facing gorgosuchus level +31 and only having a Vip 40 ptero and creatures level tapejalosaurus 40 (which are excellent as a tank but I needed cannons) lol

I remember I bought 4 indoraptors and sold them to have DNA :laughing:
the DNA became two level 20 metriaphodon XD


@Jurassic_Fury, i didn’t read anything I just voted, this is an iconic creature for this game and it’s one of your long term goals.

In the words of Nike “just do it”


I think this is in the words of shia labeouf…