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Should I?

Believe me, I want to (and I usually can get 540 bucks back in 3 days) and it has 4-5 locked herbos. Should I go for it? [I need one more Corytho for a maxed up.]

Will you need the DB for tournament this weekend? If so, save them.

Otherwise, buy 2! (It isn’t a good deal, but I can “live” through you!)


@Timmah no I won’t be needing the DBs for tournament, I managed to get 1700 trophies in Ornithocherius with minimal expenditure (around 100 bucks or so, thats all). I can make it to tournaments without much bucks.

Ah dang, opened it and got Gallimimus. I think I might go for one more hoping for Corythosaurus.

Only one available at the given price point, you will need to buy one at full price or if you have Fidelity you could pick one up for that cost as well.

@Sionsith Oh I did not realise that for VIPs there was only 1 pack. I don’t think I wanna spend 900 bucks on this again so I’ll pass for now… How often do these packs come by?

Lately it seems to be on a rotation (just a feeling, I haven’t tracked it) but they same packs seem to be getting recycled, maybe every week maybe two weeks.


VIPs get it discounted. So do fidelity members. Get it if you need some LP,or for locked dinos,because I know you love locked dinos.

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