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Should Indoraptor Gen 2 Be Nerfed?

  • Yes
  • I like pay to win

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:expressionless: I don’t even need to say this, but this poll is shamelessly biased.

Indoraptor G2 is almost balanced, but it does depend on what you think should contribute more to its power level, difficulty in obtaining ingredients or its actual Rarity.

It does need more counters in its own rarity for skill-tournaments, and nerfing the speed buff on CS would make it revenge-killable and much easier to deal with.
Said new counters should also be easily-accessible, since Indoraptor G2 is also easily accessible thanks to all the events.
[Currently the only creatures lower-level players can use to beat it (without wasting valuable DNA) are Suchotator and Procerathomimus, one of which is likely to be nerfed/gain a better hybrid (if not both). Some players might have unlocked Ardontosaurus, but it still needs more counters than that imo]


It depends on what arena you’re in. It’s only equal grounds counters that you’re likely to level to equal grounds are Procerathomimus, Suchotator, Keratoporcus, Ardontosaurus, Ardentismaxima, Spinoconstrictor, Geminititan and Mammolania.

Procera is likely to be nerfed or to get a better hybrid, Keratoporcus was recently nerfed and is zone-locked, Maxima isn’t the most accessible dino while Gemini and Mammolania are both inaccessible and likely to be nerfed. Spinoconstrictor is just inaccessible.

As for revenge-killing Indoraptor G2, your only hope is to get it really low health and use Phorusaura, but that isn’t reliably going to happen.

So any complaints about it being hard to counter are not unfounded. Remember, this thing is unlockable when players are still battling with level 16 dinos.


Not to mention mags when Indo is set up. Wonder where the “no” option is?

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The several counters are usually slower and it can just use mutual fury to cleanse and wipe the counter out on the next turn. I’m guessing you’re in the P2W arenas or just use it as your crutch.


Poll is seriously biased. No Indo Gen 2 does not need to be nerfed. It has many counters. It can also be slowed and bled out. Use dinos with immunity and nullify. It is very simple. So learn to counter it


Is this Astronomical.Erlidom’s alternate account to continue his witch hunt of IG2 users? Second option sounds something he would say.


Really you think it was biased? You’re so smart! I never thought of using dinos with immunity and nullify.

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No doubt he should be nerfed, but he’s not P2W. He’s extremely easy to make for a F2P player, he’s just too strong for his rarity.


Remember, if they listen and nerf Indo G2, they will also have to nerf Moth

It is very obviously biased. Why not I make a ‘unbiased’ poll too!

Opinion on Indo Gen 2?

  • Best creature in the entire game!
  • I love using it
  • Don’t nerf it because it’s balanced
  • Indo gen 2 forever!!!
  • Indo Gen 2 is well balanced with many counters.
  • Don’t get why do people hate Indo Gen 2

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well what do you know? everyone loves Indo Gen 2!


Here are objective results, if anyone wants to know them

There’s 1% for “needs a small buff” too, I had to cut it. 124 votes

it isnt overpowered or pay to win. i’ve beaten several teams using indo gen 2’s with my level 15 and lower epics. yes it should be nerfed a little, maybe take away the speed boost from cautious strike but it is in no way overpowered or pay to win

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Wow, let’s moan on the internet about a creature, and make a biased poll about it, I’m sure that will change things


Not overpowered, not even the best legendary. Easy to make and level, so I understand it can be a pain at lower and intermediate arenas. But the free float of Maxima DNA should help for that.

What is not normal is it shouldn’t get speed up with CS. What is not normal is a hit makes 5 actions in the same time, especially when you compare with some uniques, much harder to create (diloracheirus got 4 moves only, each move = 1 action to compare). The fact it beats magna is nonsense too. Yes now there are plenty of counters, but too many other creatures are lower than Indo gen 2 and many of them are forgotten uniques creatures.


Magna beats (or at least severely hurts) longneck beats Indo2 beats Magna. Rock, scissor, paper. That’s the nature of this game. You can’t say dino X is OP because it beats dino Y.

Mags loses when indo isn’t sped up. When Indo has a speed boost from CS, then mags nulls and wins.

As someone who doesn’t use Indo G2, I say no.

Yes, it does. Depening on boost of course. Even more reason to say Indo2 is balanced.