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Should Indoraptor have pure immunity

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here but I just wanted to make this post talking about the immunity of Indoraptor, I just think it’s weird how it comes from a pure immune creature and has specific immunities while other hybrids with an immune component share that passive ability. I also wanted to make a post suggesting a buff to Indoraptor to make it stronger than it’s components but for now I’ll just leave it here for people to discuss

Considering how utterly obnoxious Indoraptor has become with the dodge buff…no thank you. :rofl:


No. Just no.


Didn’t it have immunity in the past and became like one of - if not - the best dino in-game?

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only if it gets a big rework. Need a way to balance it so you can get a decent hit on it if you can’t do anything else to it and it doesn’t 3 -0 a team.



It would be a nice way to offer value to doing its path instead of Indo2. But it would have to be reworked

Nope. That would break it. Nope nope NOPE! Lol

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