Should JWA and JWTG have a crossover?

If you could add any feature from JWTG into JWA what would it be?

For me, I would want to see weekly boss strike towers which are Lord Lythronax level difficulty and award DNA from JWTG bosses. This would allow for another avenue to create Apex creatures.

Yes cause I really want some of the hybrids to go from that game to here and vice versa

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Hmmmmmmmmmm, aquatics with aquatic arena? lol, will be a long time till that happens, but I wouldn’t mind having some lord lythronax level incubator strikes with good rewards once in a while


not a bad idea, but as a caveat, how about those towers are for bosses that are rotated out of the weekly raid missions? This would allow Ludia to change out the apex bosses on occasion, while still allowing players a chance to get dna from it should they have not had enough time to create/ level to max before that boss rotated out.

I’d like all their creatures brought over that we don’t have yet. Especially aquatics.

As I mentioned in another thread earlier, I’d like Raids to be their boss battles (I forget what they call them) where you have to keep beating it to get better and better rewards.

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Ike honestly this would be easy for ludia and could solve a lot of things. One it makes it easier for ludia since it makes it easy for them just copy and paste the models if needs reskin them or just a simple animation fix that but most its right there wrapped and ready to be delivered. Two, it helps with just the facts we have little variety. Now while its more complicated than that at least there will be more options to choose from like here is a list. Of all the possible hybrids that could come into the game (and note none of these are aquatic and while some dinosaurs are here some aren’t but would it kill ludia to add More dinosaurs into the game like I don’t care if there common rare, or exclusive just add more dinosaurs)

Anyway here are they hybrids.

  • Alangasaurus (Alanqa + Majungasaurus)

  • Ankylodocus ( Ankylosaurus + Diplodocus)

  • Archaeophicyon ( amphicyon + Archaeotherium)

  • Carnoraptor ( Carnotaurus + Pyroraptor)

  • Cerazinosaurus ( Ceratosaurus + Therizinosaurus)

  • Dimetrocarnus (carnoraptor + Dimetrodon)

  • Diplosuchus ( Diplotator + Sarcosuchus)

  • Entelorhacos ( Entelodon + Phorusrhacos)

  • Erliphosaurus ( Dilophosaurus + Erlikosaurus)

  • Giganocephalus ( Giganotosaurus + Euoplocephalus)

  • Glythornax ( Glyptodon + Lythronax)

  • Indricoceros (Indricotherium + Megaloceros)

  • Koolasaurus (koolasuchus + Sarcosuchus)

  • Labyrinthosaurusus ( Argentinosaurus + Labyrinthodontia)

  • Limnorhychus ( Coloborhynchus + Limnoscelis)

  • Megistocurus ( Doedicurus + Megistotherium)

  • Metrialong (Guanlong + Metriorhynchus)

  • Metriaphodon (Dimorphodon + Metriacantosaurus)

  • Nundagosaurus ( Nundasuchus + Tuojiangosaurus)

  • Ophiacominmus (Ophiacondon + Gallimimus)

  • Ostaposaurus ( Ostafrikasaurus + Microposaurus )

  • Pachyceratops (Pachycephalosaurus + Naustoceratops )

  • Pachygalosaurus ( pachyrhinosaurus + megalosaurus )

  • Parasaura (Parasaurolophus + Bonitasaura )

  • Pelecanipteryx ( Pelecanimimus + Hatzegopteryx )

  • Priotrodon ( Prionosuchus + Dimetrodon )

  • Rajastega (Rajasaurus + Ichthyostega)

  • Segnosuchus ( Segnosaurus + Postosuchus)

  • Smithetoceras (Smilodon + Synthetoceras)

  • Suchoripterus (Suchomimus + Dsungaripterus)

  • Suprannotitan (Supersaurus + Tyrannotitan)

  • Tapejalocephalus ( Tapejalosaurus + Euoplocephalus)

  • Tapejalosaurus ( Tapejara + monolophosaurus)

  • Tropeogopterus (Tropeognathus + Zhejiangopterus)

  • Unayrhynchus (Unaysaurus + Rhamphorhynchus)

  • Yudon (Yutyrannus + Trodon)

  • Zalmonodon (Zalmoxes + Pteranodon)

Like the gold is right here.


I’d like to see the Jurassic World The Game market, and be able to trade things you don’t need for things you need.


bad idea wasting a lot of coins and time.

Isn’t dimetrocarnis just the jwtg version of magna realy?

Ya but it’s could be true Magna alternative like maxima and Gemini