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Should l do it?

Should I swap Mono for Diloracheirus?

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Not going to lie, I think Dilorach is fairly bad in PVP. I faced one once and it didn’t do much damage and then died after it used up it’s heals.


So Mono should stay on my team? Do you think Mono ia better than Dilorach?

Honestly, i don’t think dilorach is gonna help you much in PvP, but you should level It for raids If you want. If you want to replace mono then you can just level up your DC for a better swap in. And draco is kinda decent in battle too. Although i wouldn’t say one is better than the other. Mono is better If you want to kill a rend resistant dino and a little better in 1v1. So If you want to swap them that’s a matter of preference imo

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If there’s anything you should replace, it’s Erlidom and Thor, not Mono


Dilo is actually pretty trolly in pvp


Tuora too. I encountered one with 2000+ attack today, imagine how annoying it was :rofl:
Especially that it can outspeed everything


Tuora is really annoying on PVP, it keeps healing and hitting you with the priority acel lol

I might have to level up Dracocera then, probably Daryx too… Just don’t have enough coins for that

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Erlidom? It became really that useless?

For me, yes. Gets crushed by every tank and by some speedsters too.


Mine is my top damage dealer. It important to use him on a revenge kill so he can hit, rampage, and run

I think i may have developed ptsd from the overboosted tuora and dilorach experiences i’ve had in pvp :rofl:

Since you already got tryko, Thor an tenonto, I’d suggest you replace Thor since it’s bad right now. If you can level up Thyla that’d be a great addition. And If you think about replacing erlidom maybe you could use a tank like mammolania. There aren’t many speedsters worth using now except for magna, that you already have, phorusaura and maybe Orion and Rinex. Phoru is not really a safe investment since It could get a hybrid. Orion would be the better option imo, although I’m not sure If it’s actually better than erlidom, so i’d be using a tank in it’s place instead.

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I don’t think overleveling dracocera is a good idea, sure it’s better than dracocerato now but have you seen the new rinex? There are cases like thor but usually, if the unique is basically de-evolved, it gets buffed sooner or later


About using Mammolania, a level 21 can handle with teams of 26? Or at least do some damage before dying? I thought about evolving phorusa and I realized, like you said, that she might get a unique hybrid soon… Orion would be probably a good idea since the current tournament will award us with some of her ingredients

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The only problem with Dracocera are the coins i think, because her ingredients are easy to find now. But you are right, its unique hybrid will probably be better in the future

That’s a good point. Although both of them could be used exclusively as a swap in kill, so in that regard they don’t need much investment. But of course, they would be basically useless after that so i don’t exactly recomend It.

All I’m imagining is swap in rending attack on dracocerato (cuz remember the ol rending attack which was just like savagery but destroyed shields and armor?)

Stigydarex is bad. I would shoot for mammolania if possible. Stigy just doesn’t do much