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Should ludia bring back some of the rare moves?

I would love to see more of the rare moves in the game again moves like definite stike, definite impact, and definite rampage as well as greater stunning impact and greater stunning rampage. The Final type of move would be nullifying strike. A lot of these types of moves seem to have been forgoten so I would love to see some return or just see more of these moves throught different creatures.

Note: Forgot about thagomizer


Most of the moves you listed are still in the game, it’s just that they’re very rare. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of them become more common, but technically they’re not gone.

Thats what I meant.

the only move on this list that is actually gone is greater stunning rampage

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I kinda want to see distracting shields come back. It would be perfect for Carnotaurus, since it’s a wildcard but lacks any cunning traits.


I forget who had distracting shields

Old Testacornibus.

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oh. what do you think is better. distracting shields or dig in

They’re both different enough that it’s hard to compare, but both are pretty good. It depends on the situation honestly. Even regular Dig In is better on some dinos than others based on how it fits in with their kit and stats and such. On a counter attacker like Carnotaurus, getting two kinds of damage mitigation at once through distracting shields would be amazing.