Should Majungasaurus get a legendary/unique hybrid

I’m pretty sure every person playing this game has way too much Majungasaurus DNA an don’t have any incentive to use it because both Majungasaurus and it’s hybrid Majundasuchus are so weak compared to basically anything else in the game once you get out of training grounds. With that out of the way I think that Majungasaurus should get a legendary or unique hybrid so it can be useful, perhaps it can be fused with Suchotator

What are your thoughts on this idea


Definitely should


My only issue with that is that it’s a pain to get rare hybrids to level 20.

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They should have a max fuse option to do several fuses at once so we don’t have to tap tap tap to infinity lol


Majun unique! I’m all for it!


Holy crap, that’s so much Majungasaurus DNA

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The things we do for our alliance missions lol!


I’d be interested, I have a ton of mabunga DNA from incubators



Using another app to control JWA. Cheating.

Are you accusing me of cheating? I live in zone 1 and rural, been running tons of scents to keep up with alliance mission demands and dart everything that comes. I also pay for a ton for darts. Why in the world would I cheat? Do you? They say those that accuse are doing what they are accusing others of.
Edit I have asked you to not respond to my posts so a reminder. Just don’t… thanks

I cheat and dart this one too…ugh

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I don’t see any evidence of cheating, so I’m just confused why they would bring that up. Anyways, back on subject, I totally think Majunga should get a Unique hybrid.


Just a troll :slightly_smiling_face:


They deleted their post about downloading another app to assist them in playing JWA.

Who did? 10

That is for fusing genius

That is not the way the game is intended to be played and telling others to do that is very bad.

Derailing sorry all done with this nonsense

Let’s keep the replies civil guys. I can see where they’re coming from, calling it cheating but at least it’s not a spoofing app. I think it’s fine but of course others might not condone it, but I wouldn’t call it blatant cheating.