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Should miragaia be nerfed

miragaia is to op and should be nerfed because everyone use’s it its so frustrating when your going against it i really dont like it plz nerf it if so thank you

Pterovexus is your answer

Just use it too. Easy to get and lvl. Don‘t cry for a nerf, they happen really fast and destroy the game.
There are enough counters. Use chompers, distractors or bleeders.


Should JWA be nerfed so noobs who started 2.weeks ago have a chance for top 10?

Why does everyone want to nerf anything they cannot.beat?

No Miraigaia shouldnt be nerfed. Nor should Dsugaia or any dino. Learn to counter it.


Miragaia’s biggest downfall is having low hp. You need to boost it pretty high to get a decent amount of health. But it’s not worth the boosts.


miragaia should get a slight nerf,i mean in a common tournament,its with dracorex hands down the best common

Miragaia does not need a nerf. It’s arguably one of the more weaker dinosaurs in the game as it is really just a defensive animal with minimal offense. It’s a speedbump. Couple that with it being killed easily by any shield breaker and you’ll see that it is fine as is.


Purrutaurus is pretty useful against it, especially if it outspeeds you from the start. (I love that hybrid so much!)

Creatures with rending moves/counters and defense shattering moves/counters are good as well. And, if you’re good at predicting, bleeders are useful, because using regen gives you a turn to set up or swap out. (Or you can use a swap in bleed right after regen) And never forget about stunning dinos!

There’s a lot of dinos that can be frustrating, and its up to you to learn how they work so you can properly counter. Yes, you may have to “sacrifice” a dino to get the health down low enough for another to take it out, but you can still win. And, of course, you might not get the perfect team, but it’s usually still doable if you’re clever/lucky.


Battling a lot helps, you’ll probably find counters within your own team by using other strategies.

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Rex, seco, Gorgosuchus/saurus, Baryonyx, stun dinos, rend dinos (purutaurus) or any other dino under those categories


So you want to Nerf miragaia because everyone else use it and you don’t like that?
If you are seeing many of them, use it’s counter instead of coming here and crying for Nerf.
Use Baryonix G² RTC then DSR.

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Miragaia is a pain in every single tournament, it was strong as it was and giving it decelerating strike on top of everything was a huge misstep, no common should be strong like that… it’s an overhaul

It has regen whitch cleanses bleeds

If your sick and tired of Miragaia and need something easy to obtain and can one shot it postosuchus is your answer

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So you bleed it right after regen. Do a swap in bleed if you can, or just use a bleed move when you anticipate a regen (because you’ll probably be slower and be able to bleed)

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as i said,like dracorex gen2 :too strong to be a common.
Either you boost all the others common,either you nerf these 2?
The 2 others common chompers can’t destroy it in 1 turn and it can easily handle most of the commons

Miragaia can be very frustating to fight against if it is high level but if you know how to counter it then it is not a problem.

It’s overpowered for a common, and doesnt help that it’s hybrid is even better. For miragaia, it has plenty of counters, namely rending and big hitters. As for the hybrid, it’s mostly the same, although you dont really see it at all because of dsungeripterus dna holding it back