Should mortem/replaced apexes be fuseable?

2.14 has shown that apexe raids can be replaced. So a solution would be if the replaced apex becomes fuseable

  • Yep replaced apexes should be fuseable
  • No they should not be fuseable

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fusabe how? ingredients?

like reverse engineering, first create a creature then decide ingredients?


As in Ludia could retroactively make ingredients for Morty. personally I can see Thor and then maybe some sort of Marsupial Lion hybrid fusing into Morty pretty well.


They can just make apex dna which can be used on any apex and then you’ll need their base dino their based on. Like mortem which is a rex, and cera which is just a sino.

No. The DNA would be better off for other future hybrids. It’d be better to make a special weekly incubator for Mortem DNA for players to win than just make it retroactively fuseable.


Here would be the ingredients for Ceramagnus.


I think the raids shouldn’t be replaced at all, but rather added to weekend raids - there is plenty of room. Fusing them is also very hard and unfair to everyone who didn’t get the dna for free like everyone else did through raids.