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Should nerfed creatures in general have boosts reset?

This poll is meant for boosts overall as a general issue, not just talking about one specific dinosaur

  • Boosts should be reset at 100% for all creatures that are nerfed.
  • Boosts should be reset at the regular rate of 50% for all creatures that are nerfed, the same as everything else.

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I think they should be reset at 50% because I feel it is better balance and it is incentivev and is more reason to think out and plan so everyone places boost where you really want them in the long run.


There should be a boost reset every update, when any dinosaurs are changed

Even if a dinosaur you don’t use is changed or rebalanced it affects how you would allocate boosts. Considering how expensive boosts are, it is the only fair thing to do, otherwise we cannot trust Ludia.


I posted the exact same thing, also put up a poll. 100% with you on this.

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The only reason I don’t think they should is because it makes players question if they should pump a dino full of all maxxed boosts. Then take it to the arena and troll opponents. Instead we should be boosting steadily and cautiously.

Applying all maxxed boosts as quick as possible to procerat, dracorat, thor, ig2, or whatever dino and then wanting a refund when it gets reworked defeats the purpose of thinking things through. Which brings a sense of balance.


Nobody forces you to use Boost or boost dinos. If they reset them and give back then you won’t buy more. Then they won’t get money. They don’t like that.

Here’s an idea, play unboosted and never worry about boost issues. It’s nice and stress free. Come join me. Plus you’re not wasting money.


It’s always a gamble in the long term putting your boosts into powerful creatures. You shouldn’t get a clean slate with a “We’re sorry” note every time creatures are balanced.

We don’t get DNA resources and coins returned either.

That’s just the nature of investing, the stock isn’t always good long term. Getting half back is a good enough return for those who go the boosted route.


Boosts should be reset as they change the game, their 50% refund is tantamount to theft. Players shouldn’t be worried about what happens to a dino next patch when applying boosts, they should be concerned only with the dino as it currently exists - otherwise why would you use boosts at all? Sure the game has to change, there will be nerfs and buffs, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay that ludia steals work or money from a player. I have no boosts on a rat, don’t use it, and none of my creatures actually took a hit this patch cycle - the lack of a reset helps me a lot as I don’t have to change a thing while others are stuck with what they have or with half of what they spent - but that doesn’t mean I’m okay with ludia stealing from its player base. I will never use the 50% reset system but ludia convinced me a while ago to never give then a dime. I’d rather see the game dead and the company bankrupt than hit reset on a single stat.


Here is an idea, please don’t throw shade because you cant compete against people with boost and Ludia’s paying customers. Those paying customers support the game so you can play free. If you think that people are not going to use boosts and Ludia wont sell them, you might not have a good grasp on how mobile gaming platforms work.
Also nobody has the current maximum amount of boost right now, so yes people will still keep buying them, whether there are resets or not.
This post is about good customer service not complaining about the boost system.

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Somebody has all maxxed boosts on there dracoRAT. Geez why so serious mate xd

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Don’t start turning on each other because of differences of opinion.

I have never applied a boost to rat and I still think that the boosts should be reset at the start of each tournament season to allow us to experiment with new dinosaurs or get things up to Team level and then apply those boost to them, I realize it won’t happen but I do believe that would be the right way. I definitely think that when you make major changes to a dinosaur it’s only right to allow a boost reset otherwise you quite often have wasted resources for something that is entirely not your fault


Making a player think about choices they make while boosting dinos that are obviously in need of rework is not robbery imo. You know when a dino is op… Its the ones you want to apply all maxxed boosts into to troll opponents. Try holding back and think cautiously.

What about the ones that aren’t op, someone boosted and ludia still nerfed it? As I said, this patch will work out well for me. I have boosts saved up for new Dino’s, and nothing I use got nerfed really, but just because it’s good for me, doesn’t mean I should be okay with the way ludia handles this.

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I won’t get into a back and forth on this though, so I’ll say my peace then leave this thread.

The problem here are that the two present options are both bad.

First, should you get back 100%?


You bought a product and got use out of it. Its value at time of purchase was set and you agreed to it. You got the value you paid for. If this was allowed, boosts would very quickly become irrelevant- just something you grind 30 of for 8 dinos and you’re set.

That’s not a sustainable business model. Plus its not fair it those that remind after realizing their boosts didn’t have the desired effect. How come one set of players gets a free pass and others don’t?

So no, you should not get a 100% refund.

However, you should get more than 50% back at refund. It should be more like 90%. That still drains it (there needs to be a drain or the economy breaks) but makes it a lot more fair. Take my own example of rinex. I boosted it, then unboosted it. Realized I liked it better boosted and reboosted it for half. Realized half wasnt enough and refunded again.

That was a lot of boosts I lost. Its discouraged me from grinding boosts at all. This is not a sustainable business model and needs to change.

So no, you should not get 50% back.

But heres the 3rd problem you didnt touch on - boosts ate too hard to acquire as is. We need a better way to add more boosts to our dinos. Its tragic that we can only have 8 (realistically 3 or 4) boosted dinos - and to heck with the others. Why do we have over 100 dinos but most are irrelevant? You want greater diversity? Give us more reasonable ways to get boosts - especially active players.

These are my concerns with boosts as they stand right now.


I just did that. Refunded my last hc purchases and will be playing free at this point forward.

Unfortunately, I was spending less than $200 a month on this game, so compared to the whales who spend thousands per month, I am a miniscule drop in the bucket to Ludia. It would take thousands of players spending at my level (or a few whales) to make any sort of impact.


I mean look, it’s not like I’m against it. I just think you know it kind of makes players think twice about abusing the system with certain dinos. My bad if it seems like I am going against anyone.

Just saying if they refund boosts for every op dino. Then we might aswell just use those op dinos and boost them uncontrollably we have nothing to lose that way. I see that killing any variety we have left.

I can understand wanting boosts back though just saying…


That impact is happening right now though… there spot on the grossing chart is at a sustained all time low…

You may as well use the Dino’s that they give you - and not have to worry about the whims of the games team on spending. This patch there should be a boost reset. Then there should be a 100% reset coin you can win that’s good for one dino single stat reset - a boost reset strike tower that once a week you can get a reset coin, and they can sell more in the store if they want. So once a week you get a reset for a stat and if you want more you buy them. Max of 12 kept in inventory for these coins so you can save up and reset 4 Dino’s if you need to. Then there never has to be a boost reset again and they can continue selling boosts as well as resets.


I don’t really like using the dinos they give us. My goal and fun is not to win and destroy everything with my op boosted dino. But I just like to have fun with the dinos and creatures I like.

Perhaps 50% boost refund is too low. Maybe 75-80% refund? It gives much better amount back while still keeping the max boosters a little at bay.

Maybe there could be a monthly incubator that gives one free reset for one stat also. Idk… Just wanted to say I’m not trolling.

I just see it as a bad thing to be able to overboost any dino that may need an adjustment for arena balance. And then we get a full boost refund. As much as I see ludias tactic I actually see a good thing in it. And it’s just that it should make you question if you should dump a bunch of boosts into something like procerat, dracorat, ig2, or whatever it is…


Boosts already cause a mess because I dislike anything that involves killing variety. And boosts are number one and personally I think the main things that kill variety should be reworked.

Boosts- Once you start boosting your dinos you can’t really go back. There’s no going back now those are your dinos.

OP creatures like Procerat and dracoRAT. They get abused and they ruin what dinos you’re able to use. Maybe the new dc rework helps some there but idk. I think it should be .33 dmg.

I can’t even join most tournaments because they revolve around rat, procerat, and boosts. It appears ig2 is making it’s way lol. No variety in creature choice.

This is one of the reasons I don’t use boosts and don’t join a lot of the tourneys. See… losing variety.

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