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Should nerfed creatures in general have boosts reset?

Yeah. I am not happy about our posts being merged. But now that I am in a poll, I will be in a position to defend my points.

Sorry about that. Wish they could have kept yours and deleted mine.

@Jason - if this is possible, can you keep the @Whitecat31 post instead and merge mine into that one?

Boosts shouldn’t kill variety, especially with a real reset option - the only thing that kills variety is the lack of variety. Boosts should make it so you can use a dino that others dont, effectively. I see more variety with boosts than before, but that may also because new creatures are getting up to team level.

I agree, I think swaps should have .5 max damage if they cause a status change/shatter, and .75 or 1x if they don’t. I hate the swap in meta that seems to be being pushed on a player base that, for the most part, also appears to hate it. It’s not good for strategy. If the damage is toned down, it makes swap in stay part of the meta without making it a swap in meta, and keeps the strategic play a larger part of the game.

I compete just fine I have no desire to be the best or any particular rank. I battle to fill incubator slots. I’m in the Lockwood Library unboosted and free to play. I just play the game and grind. If I had to pay for the game then I wouldn’t play. So your purchases do not affect my playing it thanks for your concerns.


I said that because I know how I get, not because I won’t revisit to read and don’t value other opinions. Apologizes for not clarifying that.

I stand by what I said.

Let’s put a different spin on this shall we? Should I demand back all the stat boosts I put into my dilo (it had more than any other dino) because of all the slow immune, distract immune and stun immunities that were handed out like candy? Oh and straight up immune dinos.

Where would it end? How would you keep it fair?

Yes. You should get a reset. Resets cost Ludia the amount of time it takes to code for a reset and implimitation. But the act of resetting also tells the customer that the product they are selling, is a trustworthy product. Why buy a product if it is not trustworthy? Why risk buying it and using it, if the very next patch makes it worthless?

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It’s not worthless though. Less value != worthless. It’s like buying a car. It loses value as soon as you drive it off the lot.

Back to this game, I want all the DNA and coins I spent back as well then. Again, where does it end?

The best solution is to fix the way boosts are both distracted and refunded.

I see what you mean about how you might make your points. I believe you focused on my use of the word worthless, instead of my point of loss of value and trust in the seller. So for clarification, If your dinosaur goes from useful, to a liability that should be replaced from your team I would consider it “worthless” for winning. I am sure it has some value, but the product is devalued, which is unfair to the customer. Product stability and value, is a reason to buy something. Right now, the product stability and value is in question, due to the fault of the seller of the product.

From a consumer point of view obviously I’d love it.

I’d also love ice cream for dinner every day.

Just because I want it doesn’t mean its what’s best for me. Might make me feel good now, but how does this help the game long term? If the game dies, then I have no dinos left to worry about. This is how ludia has chosen to make their money (rather than other proven successful ways like skins - see fortnite, league of legends, etc.)

I guess what I’m trying to say is - what good does talking about a solution that ludia won’t act on do for us? I’ll go back to my moving goalpost that you didnt reply to - I want my coins back at least from levelling my dilo. I want the boosts back I spent on rinex experimenting cause the meta changed.

What I feel like is being asked for is 100% boosts back, but putting an arbitrary condition on it to justify it. Since I’d love this, but dont think ludia would go for it (plus itd be unfair to somebody - dont forget other examples include leveled and boosted dinos that later get hybrids - think allosino, eddy, etc.) I prefer a more fair solution to all - simply make boosts refunded a better deal. 50% cost is far too high.

AND make them more accessible in the first place.

Heres the thing though about these types of discussions. They seem to rarely change minds. You certainly haven’t changed mine, and I doubt I’ve changed yours.

Plus this is eating more of my Saturday than it should.

At this point I respectfully disagree with your opinion and will be walking away - not because I don’t value your opinion, but rather I do value my time - and continuing to spend it here doesn’t seem to make much sense.


Yeah, being unboosted can take you far still. Like I’m in the Library completely unboosted still. Just play for fun myself also.

Besides buying boosts is not the only thing that ensures the games lifespan. It helps pay them, but it’s not the only thing! There is many things that keep it going and players is one of them.

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Very well said.

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I think my main point was lost in all those words.

My opinion: all boost refunds should be 90% (or even 80).

Boosts should be given more freely.

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There are different philosophies when it comes to sales and sustainability. There are two types of models. One model is about giving a high quality product that a company stands behind and guarantees repeat customers. If something is effecting the product in a negative light, it is fixed in the customers favor to ensure that repeat customer continues to buy a product that is valued and trusted. Another model, is the slash and burn model, where an environment is created or exists to sell a product that is limited in quality for a maximum short term profit, but has a negative affect on your customer base. In this case, If every two months your product degrades in quality, your customer base will shrink.

This poll is absolutely biased @FishNPocket

You title it: Should nerfed creatures in general have boosts reset?

Where is the NO option? Both answers are YES?

Why are you forcing people to chose yes? How is this even considered a poll???

When Ludia “rebalances” the dinosaurs, they send a message saying the product was flawed, and they are trying to fix it.
So if you admit you have a flawed product, and your customers bought that flawed product, do you tell your customers, let the “buyer beware, and you can’t trust us”, or do you say “let me make things better?”
In this case making things better is to just do a boost reset for the entire customer base everytime there is a rebalancing to any dinosaurs.

The 50% is the NO option, because that option already exists in game.

Please re-read it. You do realize we can currently reset boosts at a 50% return right?

So the answer of “No” would be the second one.

That makes it sound like you are saying Ludia should reset them.

This whole thing is about Ludia resetting boosts for nerfed dinos. Your options are they 100% reset or 50% reset like everything else. It does not clearly state the answer to the question, which you clearly are asking if Ludia should reset nerfed creatures.

If your belief is the second option it does not matter if Ludia resets them at 50% or if the user clicks on reset the number of times needed for their own boosts.

The point is what rate, not who does the clicking. I am starting to believe you are attempting to derail the fairly obvious intent of poll by examining the technicality of who pushes the button. I hope I am not right.

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Ok and answer me this! If it does not matter who clicks the button, then what if a creature gets nerfed and Ludia FORCES a 50% refund on those nerfed creatures, what about those that don’t want the boosts refunded even on a nerfed creature is they consider the nerf not too bad?

They get 50% of boosts back and get punished?

So yes, it DOES matter who pushes the button.

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