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Should not be like this

I have a question why? Why do some creatures in Jurassic World Alive have classes that do not match themselves?
1 Rajasaurus: As far as I’ve looked on the web. it’s a carnivorous dinosaur of the Abelisauroid family. It should be a fierce class. not a resilent class
2 Lythronax :As far as I’ve looked on the web.It’s a carnivorous dinosaur umm it’s big like resilent carnivore like fierce feature like cunning ok it’s wildcard
3 dracorex gen 2 : gen1=resilent gen 2=fierce
i think dracorex is a herbivore shouldn’t be fierce

Diet has nothing to do with what class a dino is. Ludia just decided to make their abelisaur and other medium therapods resilients/Fierce-Resilients, and that’s ok :man_shrugging:

As long as the class matches the moves given to them, I don’t have an issue with them.


hey if it’s according to science, it will be very very good.

Lol if it was according to science we wouldn’t have JP at all :joy: Besides, the classes aren’t biological traits anyway, so there’s no reason why certain groups of dinos have to be a particular class.


i know xd non-obligatory i play for fun not critique for fun i’m just saying if.Not critique Just saying if it’s according to science it’s will be good not according :rofl: :joy: :t_rex: :sauropod: :dragon: :dragon_face: :snake: :lizard: :turtle: :crocodile: :man_scientist:

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If it were according to science, we wouldn’t have so many hybrids and Ludia would focus on making better and more accurate creatures (looking at Edaphosaurus’s massive head - as one example…) but as it stands, this game is about faux-kaiju, and not about discovering and protecting dinosaurs as the tutorial would have you beleive.
For reasons that escape me, Ludia decided to make this a nearly exact clone of Pogo with no regard to any sort of narrative. So we lob mutant chimeras at each other and boosts them to oblivion for a purpose that’s not even well-defined in-game. So, no. If you’re here for science, that ship has sailed, sank, been part of a salvage-dive and the name reserviced for another ship.


i know science allow hybrid edaphosaurus massive head looks pretty good and make me feel good becuase i will not confuse it with a dimetrodon and this is whythis is why the hybrid can make sperm of another animal And the egg cells of another animal of different species can produce hybrids, so it is not surprising that science says it is possible.

I’m pretty sure the science says that nothing in JWA is really possible :joy:


Yep, the science allows for fat tissue to fill-in the size discrepancy in its jawline. And the brain case. And the size of the teeth. And anything head-related really…


And with regards to the rest: what?
So you’re saying that science says it’s possible to fuse an ankylosaur with an amphibian?
With no disrespect, we can’t even breed a horse with a donkey without it being infertile. There is a law of limitations on hybrids. Now let’s assume that we COULD recreate dinosaur DNA. The closest thing we have to that theory is in a paper from 2020, it is highly incomplete at best case scenario, and the peer-review is raking that paper over the coals.
For reference:

But let’s pretend that this paper is factual for a moment.
Let’s pretend that we can mesh DNA together, forgetting for a moment that different species have different numbers of chromosomes.
Let’s assume that we actually were able to make these creatures exist as we see them in-game. They aren’t physically capable of survival as the biology doesn’t allow for this.
Mammals are limited to seven neck vertebrae, birds are not. Some species of geckos are capable of auto-reproduction. Others are not.
These are simple things compared to whether osteoderms on a creature that breathes through gills would suffocate it.
Please don’t misuse the scientific process that way. It doesn’t give your argument any more credibility. It actually discredits you.


if the game followed science the game wouldn’t exist, dracorex and stgymoloch would cease to exist if both are younger versions of Pachycephalosaurus, so the game is fine being nothing real


Just because a creature eats a certain type of food doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be a different class, yeah I do agree that lythro and raja can be part fierce but its not like they should be like that just because of their diet, just because the other creatures in their model are fierce/resilient. Also just because something is a herbivore doesn’t mean it can’t be fierce, herbivores can be aggressive too.


Kinda ironic they say your protecting dinosaurs yet in pvp you fight them to the point they are spilling blood and either getting knocked out of literally dying.


No, you’re taking monstrous crimes against nature and battling them against each other towards the extinction they all deserve :joy:

I’m still a little critical of Horner’s hypotheses regarding Dinosaur growth patterns. I still think it possible that two species exist among the three as the Stygimoloch horns seem a bit extreme for simply being resorbed. That being said, Dracorex to Stygi is painfully obvious.
The Torosaurus hypothesis has met a decent amount of pushback in peer-review, so I’m keeping a critical mind, even though I know that there’s no proof yet. (Though I do beleive the idea of two distinct Pachycephalosaurus species has been gaining some traction.)
Then again, there’s the whole Rubeosaurus thing. So, it is pretty well established that skull augmentation among marginocephale was fairly diverse within a single species.

In spite of all this, we can definitely agree that JW’s Stygimoloch looks nothing like the species it purportedly respresents, Pachycephalosaurus or otherwise.


Yeah I’m definitely more convinced of the Dracorex/Stygimoloch/Pachycephalosaurus one than Triceratops/Torosaurus. I’m pretty sure Torosaurus is definitely it’s own thing, as they’ve found juvenile Torosaurus and the range/frequency of finds don’t seem to line up quite right. For Pachy/Stygi, if not ontogeny there’s also potentially gender dimorphism, but I think they could test for that if they had enough of the right fossils (e.g. hips).

But as long as no one thinks Nanotyrannus is a valid genus, we’re good :sweat_smile:

Well, the Stygimoloch thing comes down to how the drastic of a resorption it would require, and location of the finds, as it seems that “Stygi” was found in a different part of the formations as “Pachyceph.”
The other thing is that UCMP 556078 seems to be roughly the same size as “Stygi” UCMP 131163, but the ornamentation is quite different. So if this means that my criticism of Horner is his small sample size of the data, well, so be it. A paper published this year by Evans et al also mentioned Stygi as a separate species, so to say that it’s settled just because Horner said it’s so is misleading. Horner DOES make a good point about the morphology within its own species, so, yes, Yutyrannus seems very like just a Juvenile Rex. Gorgo vs. Albert even makes me wonder. But the best explanation for this is dimorphicism or a sub-species. What I think Horner DID prove, however, is that if Pachy and Stygi are independent species, they are incredibly closely-related.

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Yeah I agree with all of that. It does look like Stygimoloch could at least be a valid genus. Sometimes there are cases where one genus is an ontogenetic form of another (like Nanotyrannus for T.Rex), but those all need consistent support, and a lot of it (in the case of Nanotyrannus, stuff like bone histology showing that all Nanotyrannus specimens are juveniles, which could be applied to Stygimoloch too if it hasn’t already). Previously invalidated taxa are getting the support for their validity again (at least in some people’s eyes), like Brontosaurus no longer being synonymized with Apatosaurus.


By that logic,

Titanoboa should be a fierce
Azdarchids should be fierce
Edaphosaurus should be a resilient
Smilodon should be fierce
Gorgonopsids should be fierce
Sloths should be resilient
Hadrosaurs/Iguanadontides should be fierce-resilient(there were crab fossils found in one)
Therizinosaurids should be resilient

Basing off diets isn’t really that fun now doesn’t it?


it’s possible Ummm that can be.Becuase some creature skin look real but thing they’re should not be in this time but i think some dinosaurs should have genetic disease be like Pupa that’s make the skin dry and H A R D the DNA’s skin spoilersurvive[/spoiler]