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Should parasaurolphus lux be available in sanctuary?

What do you think should legendary non hybrids been placed in sanctuary since they don’t count as hybrids?

Just because it’s not a hybrid doesn’t mean it should be in a sanctuary. Although I do understand the arguments for this case, its rarity shouldn’t allow for such easy creation. Same with apexes.

I wouldn’t call a sanctuary creation easy. You know how long it takes to get 200 dna for an epic creature

2 days give or take.

If you made being level 20 a requirement to interact with it I think that would be a fair compromise. And/or maybe you could only be allowed to interact with it after creating it yourself.

Apex I understand. They should not be in santuaries. But Parasaurolophus Lux isn’t an Apex nor a hybrid. She might be a legendary rarity but I don’t see why she can’t be can’t be in sanctuaries.

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My same opinion. Since she can’t be fused there should be another way to get her

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Exactly, and it isn’t like she is some super OP beast with a few levels under her either.

Yes. Also since you can only get 5 dna max in one interaction in epics this should also be reflected in legendaries

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Because it’s a legendary.
Who says the rules of sanctuaries are “any creature that isn’t a hybrid”?

I don’t think it does take two days since there’s a daily maximum of 12 food or play. Besides you can only get 5 dna max per one turn in a epic

I do 6 of each per day. Many epics give 7/5/7 for example, which is 19 DNA times 6 per day. In 2 days you’d have 228 DNA.

The idea to have non-hybrid legendaries in sanctuaries is a double-sided coin.

On one hand it seems nice, especially if you are just that one DNA point away from
creation/level up. The anxiety of spending sometimes days of looking for that one specific creature does not feel good.

On the other hand they would have to lower the amount of DNA you could get to be lower than epics.
It would be hard to divide such small number between the levels of sanctuaries to make the level 20 still better than the lower ones (my personal speculation)
Also I do not think I’d want to basically waste my FIPs on such low amounts unless met with situation I described above.


Because that was basically what was “said” when sanctuaries first appeared. I don’t recall anything saying that rarity made a difference, just hybrids couldn’t go in them.

And that was before non-hybrid legendaries even existed.

What can or cannot go in a sanctuary might be a technicality, it’s the fact that a legendary as a rarity just has no place in the sanctuaries. It’s legendary for a reason, it’s supposed to be hard to get. Once you allow fipping it loses its star quality.

Once more of them start coming into the game and they might become components of uniques, then we’ll talk again. For now when it’s just 1 I would absolutely say: no, just go hunt for them.

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